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Hello everyone! I would just like to say thank you in advance for taking the time to read.

I am currently struggling with how to deal with my boyfriend's younger sister.
The younger sister of my boyfriend (she is 23 years old) resonates so much negative energy that literally every time I leave her presence I feel this storm cloud over my head and it affects me for the rest of my day.

She is highly insecure but masks her insecurity by bragging about ridiculous things that she thinks people want to hear like how many guys she is sleeping with, how rich they are, what kind of extravagant things they buy her etc. --These are the kinds of people that emotionally DRAIN me. The people that have exceedingly cynical views on life. The ones that have deep seated issues yet cover them by bragging, showboating or being arrogant. The draining feeling is even worse when they speak condescendingly towards me or make judgmental remarks.

My boyfriend's younger sister has a very dark view on life which I can see really energetically conflicts with my happy sunshine view on the world. She is highly sarcastic and says ridiculously depressing things in social situations (for effect? I am not sure.) Example; "I am going to die soon" or "I just want a guy to give me his sperm so I can make a baby and raise it by myself without him involved at all." --Just these weird comments that no one knows what to say to and sound really negative. Sometimes I wonder if this is her shot at humor and I am just not getting it. I am not sure if she has just experienced a lot of pain and disappointment in life or what has turned her into this dark ball of energy but it disturbs me every time I leave her presence.

She is prone to openly criticizing me about every positive view I have on the world, yet copies things that I do. For example, I enjoy nature and being outdoors, particularly the ocean. The beach is a place that gives me a lot of peace and zen. She then begins criticizing me for 'getting skin cancer' or 'turning orange' justifying that as the reason as to why she never goes. Fine and dandy, honestly, until then 3 months later, she brags to me about how she loves going to the beach and how she feels so 'at peace' there? It is so strange. One of many many examples but this pattern of behavior disturbs me.

It honestly wouldn't bother me that much if she wasn't so condescending in the way that she talks to me.

She makes these snide comments towards me comparing these 'gems' she is dating vs my boyfriend (her brother) who she calls a 'loser'.

I think what I am struggling with is frustration. I don't have any idea how to deal with this type of person; I normally just avoid being close to these kinds of people all together. And definitely not the type of person I would like to associate with. But I feel trapped because this is my boyfriend's younger sister.


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