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I think I'm falling for my coworker. We always laugh and joke together, he makes my insides feel all good, and there's all the right kinds of tension. In 2013, we even used to have lunch- a lot- alone- just me and him- hanging out and also walk to public transportation together just about everyday.

Things have (for some reason- not sure why) changed. We don't have lunches together or hang outside of work in any ways anymore. It's just flirting and glances around the office. When the changes started happening, I started feeling really frustrated and that's then I realized I was developing feelings for him- else I would care less if he drifted away.

Okay- there's a catch here- we are both in relationships outside of work. And I'm not sure what I should do about the entire situation. I've thought about ending the relationship I'm in, because I felt things with my coworker that I never once felt with my boyfriend- and even if nothing develops with my coworker, just knowing that these kind of feelings are out there make me want to go find something special like that with somebody.

I guess question is two fold-
-is this talk about breaking up ridiculous because I might be in a phase?
-what should I do about the coworker/work thing? I feel Im getting frustrated and blowing hot and cold and times and think maybe I should set boundaries with this person- but should I be honest with him and tell him why? Or just start ignoring and distancing myself from him?- ouch

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