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I think he might have a personality disorder. Do some research and see if any of them might fit him. His quick mood changes, trying to make everything your fault, making you walk on eggshells. My first guess would be borderline personality disorder.

Also, having a string of bad relationships is a sign that he is the problem. Think about it, if he's been this way to all his previous partners, they aren't exactly going to go well for him, are they? (I assume you'd only heard his side before, funny how different it looks now that you're on the receiving end, doesn't it?)

Anyway, if he does have borderline personality disorder or something like that, there is no hope for the relationship. Therapy most likely won't help, and if it does, it won't be any time soon :(

Stick to your guns and don't let him blame you - you are definitely not responsible for his mental problems.
agree with della1......his behavior SCREAMS OUT borderline personality disorder.....

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