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Hi. I was married when i first met him. After that i got divource from my husband for him
We had an relationship for 4 years nd we were together 1 nd half years. After that he went
Another country for his buisness. I supported him everyway. When he needs lots of money i gave him lots of money which was his very need. Our relationship running nicely. When he got money everything in his life i thaught he is changing slowly. Nd 4 months ago we had fought with each other because of he wanted to go his backhome nd wasnt agree. Then he said if i dont agree so he will leave me. We had fought but he wasnt so interested to talk to me i understood that nd i also try to make him understand that i love him alot nd i cant leave him. I never. He tried to breakup nd i didnt want it. He turned off his phone for 15 days. I got his familys pn number thn i contacted with them to get his pn number i got his number nd i apologies to him. I begged him for my relationship becse i thaught i cant do anything in life without him. Ive lost everything for him. He agree nd he came back to me. Now 3 weeks ago suddenly he said to me he need to settledown his life nd i have to go with him. I said i need 3 months time to go to him. He said he cant wait for me.. he said if i want go so i can call him . He said he wont call me until i go . I said ok ill come but u need to talk to me. We cant stop our communication like that. He also said he dont trust me atall. Nd so many things he said what i cant endure. I said if u want me in ur life happily so u can cll me. Then 1 week ive waited his call but he didnt call me. When i called him he said rudely he doesnt want me .he said to me to not to him again he wants to move on..i got deppressed to heard that nd again i tried to make him understand i called him again nd again . I sent lots of text to him via facebook. He read all the msg but he just replied plz leave me alone. He changed his pn number nd i request to him to give me his number via facebook. But he said sorry nd now he blocked me from everywhere. Im so deppressed its been three weeks now.. i cant forget him nd i want him i love him so much. I dont understant what should i do now. I told him i ll go to him he said he dont want me to go to him. If i go he will not accept me. Please help me should i go to him after 3months or not?

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