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I will try to avoid writing a novel here:


In 28 she is 26 we have been together 7 years and got married 4 months ago.
About 1 mth before we got married I found out she had been cheating on me for at least the last 5 years, always one night stands and it was with at least 12 different people.
At the same time I also found out she has a very serious case of bulimia, she has had this for 10 years and I never knew, but just thought she could eat a huge amount for a girl.
We set ground rules and agreed to move past the cheating and still get married. I love her and want to help her get better. After marriage her parents stopped supporting her and said she was my responsibility, she doesn't work so I got a new job that pays double my last one and I can support is both while she gets better.


Things aren't getting better, they are actually worse, I pay all bills food etc and she still spends $400 a week on lunch and what she wants on top, thats a normal week. But she had my cresd card the last two weeks to pay for the psychology appointment and when I got it back there was $4k of food and shopping bills on it. I found flirty txt messages from a male friend from the gym, she just went to a dinner with friends and when I got home I found her passed out in the appartment corridor. These are just some examples of many things that have happened over the past 4 mths.

I have started the new job, opening a business on the side and had a young family member in hospital who passed away. I'm usually a really happy guy and can handle a lot of stress but this has all begun to change me a bit. I get anxiety attacks, feel like I want to cry randomly, I'm very negative about everything and think about killing myself a lot. I would never do anything like that I just think the stress brings about the thought of it which is unusual for me.

I teally dont know what to do, I'm very lost on how to save my marriage, help my life and get into a healthy head space. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks

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