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Here is where a bit of give and take can be brought to bear. Not with the family thing so much, that is a whole different issue. The friend situation is open to a bit of flexibility, at least for occasions or parties, etc. on the whole, though, keep your friends and make new ones between you and your boyfriend. You don't have to socialise together. Maybe once or twice a year have your friends over, and his as well. You can't really expect more than that.
As to your family, build your bridges yourself. My family was pretty similar, and my husband saw me heartbroken by them too. I found it easier to keep up a bit of contact on my own. Your family will get the message. My husband and I are pretty close to a sister and a brother, but if I see the others, it is on my own. I don't care if they think he doesn't like them. At weddings, etc, he and they are civil. I stopped making it MY problem and just decided to let them get on with it; they are all grown ups, not my job to make them get along. Cheers, Sera

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