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I hope someone out there can give me some advice. I'm a 30 yr old female who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was a child. In January of this year, my boyfriend of over 3 years (who I moved across the country to live with 2 years prior) ended our relationship. It completely surprised me. We had discussed marriage and kids, and had even set a tentative wedding date for this year. He cited being incompatible and generally unhappy as the reason for ending it. He dumped me while we were at my parents' house visiting for the holidays. So, my family and I had to fly to the home I shared with him, pack up my belongings, and drive/move me back across the country. While it has been almost 9 months since then and I have greatly improved, I've noticed recently that any thought or memory of him, our life together, his family, or even the state we lived in triggers major anxiety attacks. The attacks have gotten so severe that I even had myself admitted into an inpatient psychiatric clinic for help. They didn't help me. I recognize I need therapy, but apparently there's a shortage of therapists/counselors/social workers where I live because I've tried since July to get an appointment. How do I stop the good memories and thoughts? They spawn depression and anxiety, so I would really like to leave them behind. If anyone can help me, please do so. Every single day has become a struggle. I can't keep going on like this.

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