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Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to make him change his abusive behavior toward you. He is most likely taking steroids, which have increased his testosterone to dangerous levels which have promoted over aggressive behavior. You posted several examples of quotes from things he has said that make it pretty clear that he doesn't even want a girlfriend so I don't think you should stick around for the next time that he flips a switch and starts mentally and verbally abusing you again. You say that he would never hurt you physically but they all say that until he does and by then you'll be so mentally beaten down by his words that you won't be able to leave.

I'll never understand girls who insist that they don't want to break up when it's clear that the relationship is no longer healthy and staying means eventual deep psychological damage. There is no guy out there worth that kind of outcome, especially some roid raging lunatic like your boyfriend. Frankly he sounds like an insecure loser who uses bullying to intimidate people because it's the only way to make himself feel better about what a loser he is. That's very dangerous for you to stay with him because he will snap one day and slam you against a wall or punch you in the face or kick you down the stairs. Or worse. You're much better off leaving now while you're still coherent and able to make that decision.

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