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Hi. My names David. Here is my story.
For the last nine months, I dated this girl I am madly in love with. Everything was fine until she told me she was pregnant. Now. She did move in with me and we did fight alot. I mean a good bit. This was before the pregnancy. And I was her first. We loved each other deeply and cared so much about each other. But ever since October she's been being weird and then in the last week. She broke up with me. And said she wants to move on with her life possibly with someone else. She has stated that the last nine months was a mistake. She is four months along. She said she never loved me and it was infatuation and lust. She said that she doesn't want to be with me again or ever and it hurts so much to hear these words. A good bit of people have told me that's it the hormones but I don't know what to think. Her family and her friends do not like me at all because they only know of the bad things I've done in my life. From drinking to smoking. And she says that is her influence. She barely talks to me and I want to show her love and support and tell her I'm here for her. We used to be with each other everyday. Hold each other. Kiss like it was our last kiss. And love like it was indying. But now she's being mean and it hurts. She seems very happy and has even said shes had a crazy sex dream recently and it about sex with someone else. She stated this happens in pregnancy. She has said that she never wants to be with me again and this could never work. I haven't given her much space cause I'm a guy who fights to keep someone I love by my side. But I think I need to giver her space. She is my world and I lover her and our baby. And I just want this to work and us to build this family together. Not seperatly. I do not know what to do. She's said so much hurtful stuff. Saying she cares about me but doesn't love me. She said that this will never work with her family and my family. She has said she wants to move on and not just that. Find someone else later on. She doesn't wanna be involved with anyone else until the baby is a year old.
I'm so confused and heart broken. She's even said that the damage and disagreements also made this never work. She said that the damage has made it to were that's impossible. I don't know of this is her heart or her brain or the hormones speaking. I just want to know what to do to get her back on my side or should I move on to someone else? Please someone help. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep. Being in pain and feeling like I'm alone in a dark unlit world... I'm tired of dark thoughts in my head. Please someone help. What do I do?

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