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Hi everyone I figured I would post something and ask a question I don't know how to handle this or if it's even a issue. I've been taking to this girl since October, we've been offical since December (I know not to long) but she told me her best friend is a guy. He knows everything about her she said, she told me they first met 4 yrs ago when she was in college at a party they kissed that night they met but since then they have been just best friends. She has 2 pictures of him and her in her room and she told me they used to sleep in the same bed sometimes and it's so mutual of a friend (brother) nothing not even cuddling happens... she told me she would never let him sleep in her bed if she's in a relationship because she said it would be wrong which I agree. But he lives about 50 mins away now he was supposed to come visit today and I was gonna meet him but he canceled. I did tell her I didn't feel comfortable with her staying at his house if she visited. Is that wrong??? Also she told me he's the one she goes to when she gets in a fight in her relationships. Last night we got into a fight over something small and it blew up they she proceed to say that guy would never treat me like that and she tried to call him to talk about our fight we were having... how would you handle this I love her alot. I trust her alot it just makes me jealous to be honest and I don't k ow how to handle this situation

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