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Thank you all... These are very credible arguments to which I will give a great deal of thought on. Forgot to mention to the one that brought up school.. I'm in college.. in my mid 20s.. I just have ran back and forth in circles for quite a while on this whole issue. He has known from the start all of the issues that arise in my mind, even about his parents. It stresses him out when I mention it so I try not to even bring up his parents anymore. I wish I could confront them, especially his mom, but I guess I'm too wimpy.. I just hate confrontations and I just want to keep as much peace as I can. Like I said, we've been engaged for over two years and I didn't mention that the diamond I have was his mothers engagement ring. -- so as I'm sure you can imagine... Don't feel worthy to even wear it. He has said that since we have been in limbo for so long and indecisive about getting married that he's basically wanting an answer and real soon. He says that we shouldn't even be trying to make a decision. I agree. It's like I love him but certain things just would get me way out of my comfort zone like moving two hours away from my home and family. It's truly a long story and probably very boring to most. But I appreciate all the advice. When I think of all the memories we've had together-- we've been everywhere together and the nicknames we have for each other and the comfort we've developed around each other, it makes me sad. I just need to make a decision. And he's basically said also that if we don't get married that that will be it because he doesn't want to go through it again and it would create resentment towards me by his family. I will assume that there will be drama if I decide not to marry him. And he's said that if we end it that he'll have to limit how much he talks to me and we probably wouldn't really see each other anymore because he's two hours away. Ah, it just breaks my heart. I've never felt like I've been so stuck in my life.

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