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... Snails - Great Post and supportive words offered to Babe1973. I know I'm coming on this thread abit late. Babe1973, I can only imagine what you are feeling and going through. Please take my words kindly as I do not write them in a harsh way but something that just keeps bugging me and from how I am seeing this. Although you are now a grown woman, been through a... (77 replies)
... thanks babe1973... i do plan on talking to him this weekend... that is if i get to see him outside of his work office. but i do fear when i try to talk to him (as this has happened before) he will give me the same response: You don't understand/I'm trying my best/I have to do what is right for my child. and that just makes me mad and frustrated because: I do understand what... (155 replies)
... Yeah and then whenever they act or do something stupid they play the "I was hurt in the past" card and we are supposed to let it slide! (Geezz,,,,I am venting tooo!!!!) (10 replies)

Is he too good?
Apr 17, 2005
... I don't think you need to see a shrink. :) But I do STRONGLY believe men need to chase. Like you, they also don't want anything served up on a, what did you call it? Silver Platter. They hunt, then they cherish what they caught. The harder it was to catch and the less sure they are that they actually have it, the more they value it. Also, a man is NEVER to busy to date,... (12 replies)
... Well, last night we had a really good talk. I just said that I won't bring up the marriage thing again and he said that he felt pressured and didn't mean to react the way that he did. I said that if he wants to get separate places, I don't want to prolong the inevitable, I want to do it now, if thats in fact what he wants. He dosen't want to do that though. But we decided that... (32 replies)
... I agree with you, getting married with the idea of getting your hands on your husband's money is not a good thing. I never said it was a good thing. Here in America we call those kind of women gold diggers, and I certainly am NOT one of those!! But it also is not always the woman's idea to stop working after a baby. Sometimes the man wants his wife to stop working and be a... (41 replies)
... LOL!! NO!! You are SOOO misunderstanding me!! No, I would NOT get married for money or insurance or anything like that, in fact, I have no idea how you got that from my posts, when I thought I made it pretty clear that I believe that marriage is first and formost a spiritual bond between two people who have agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. And no, I never said... (41 replies)
... Let's not kid ourselves!! Marrigeis not only a bond of love, but it is also a legal institution. But again, it all boils down to what you want and what your priorities are. If you want to live with a man and love him and have kids with him and not worry about what will happen to you if it doesn't work out, then fine,no one says you have to get married. someone asked for the... (41 replies)
... Whoa, so are you saying it's ok he cheated because she pushed him or something? Or that's it's normal? No cheating is never ok, it's never the answer, and it does make the guy a jerk. I also don't neccesarily believe the once a cheater, always... line, but going on her original post, I don't think it's quite over, and she's moving a little too fast in getting back together. (41 replies)
... babe1973 ~ I never said that I liked that he found me attractive. I mean everyone wants to be attractive, in general, but his finding me attractive does not affect me in a way that I want to start something or even fish for more compliments from him. I'd honestly rather not hear them from him even though they are put as a friend would tell another friend, not in any kind of,... (27 replies)
Let It Go?
Jan 12, 2005
... Thats a great idea, I may mention that to her. I know shes going through alot right now. I told her life is about learning and growing, and with it comes pain and deep sorrow sometimes. Thanks for the input. (4 replies)
... You're very welcome. Keep us updated and let us know if we can help you more. (33 replies)
... Hearttoheart and babe1973 thanks so much for your insightful comments. ... (33 replies)
... u took me totally wrong.....well...i wanted to say that u r thinking too much abt the situation.....keep ur brain busy in other things....u r a matuare person ..u have 2 kids...think abt them dear....i think i blaimed u in my post thats why u r saying this to me.......talking abt love....i definitely know what it is but seems like u made a totally new defination of love for... (77 replies)
... I strongly suggest that you talk with her about her past relation. I have a feeling that the communication is not very good. This is the most important thing to install in a relationship. After, it's too late. Maybe if she talks to you about her past experiences, you will understand why she is so scared... I really wish you good luck. I hope this will work out for you. You... (33 replies)
... babe1973, no, I haven't dated anyone else and as far as I know ( I have no reason to doubt this since we are together a lot) that she has either. I think she has felt in her previous relatoinships that she dove in too quickly. Big picture perspective this is still in the early stages of a relationship, I think she is just afraid to completely commit, having an out at this... (33 replies)
... babe1973, thanks for your insights. This might be silly but I'm a little scared to talk too much about my feelings towards her with her. She knows I love her, but she might be turned off if I don't appear to be secure. She has told me she loves me. But we are free to date other people, although we have not exercised this right. (33 replies)
... Sorry for the piecemeal posts,but I'm coming in late on this one, and am reading through the posts in sort of random order. But first I must say, it's hard for me to see a married man who sleeps with his wife's 20-years-younger cousin as wise. You say you both know your affair is a dead end and would be harmful to many involved, yet you still speak of it in present tense: "We... (77 replies)
... He can't stand to be in the same house as her, but he can't bring himself to ask her for a divorce? Doesn't there seem to be something wrong with this picture? Generally speaking, men are creatures of comfort. They do NOT stay where they are not comfortable. And I don't know what state you live in, divorce laws are different state to state, but I know in California, an equal... (77 replies)
... If he really hates her so much, then why does he stay with her? Why did he stay for 20 years? There must be something in it for him, or he would have been gone a long time ago. A woman cannot "keep" a man who doesn't want to be "kept." (77 replies)

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