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... It's got absolutely nothing at all to do with being bitter. It has to do with knowing what you've lived, and that's all, because how can we possibly know something, really know something, we haven't lived? ... (46 replies)
... entions were good in the beginning. I think he really did like me. At one point he must have done something where he saw I was upset...He came into the kitchen and said...will I see you again. I really think he liked me. I think that I had an off night. I think he got upset and doesn't know how to deal with that. ... (46 replies)
... In time he will get old and people will play him? ... (46 replies)

... I think it's a good thing to be open and to trust, dma. It's never a good thing to end up bitter or angry. I strive to not be either, contrary to popular belief. And it's very possible that your guy had all kinds of wonderful intentions at first, and maybe he really truly was into you at first. But something changed. ... (46 replies)
... funny thing about this post....i would be curios to see if a cold, emotionless real player would actually respond in a relationship forum.... ... (46 replies)
... it has everything to do with have classified all men in your statement above...we are not all the same and we are not all capable of everything stated above...if these are your thoughts on everyman than dating is going to be difficult... ... (46 replies)
... Not wanting to be seen in public with you...walking ahead of you...not holding hands. Hmmmmmm Also feeling claustorphobic when approached about things... ... (46 replies)
... Of course you don't want to be bitter or angry, sweets. I don't think anyone is suggesting that you should be, that's not a good way to go. ... (46 replies)
... he's really great, I really like him a lot, he might be "the one," let's pursue this and see where it takes us. Maybe somewhere really wonderful!!! ... (46 replies)
... problems of our own. We all have gone through different types of "ups" and "downs" with different people. No two people are alike at all. Naieve...well, I'll tell is what it is....... ... (46 replies)
... I know how you feel. I have been there before. But I don't know if I can give you proper advice on that one, or to be more exact, not the one piece of advice that you are probably waiting for. ... (46 replies)
... i would not under any circumstances "play" any woman i was not into...I am one of those nice guys...and yes i always finish last....we get walked on, spat on and outright used...i find most women want that "badboy" or are used to the "BadBoy" and when they find men like us, they do not know how to handle us.... ... (46 replies)
... You are overthinking. Time to move on. These things happen. There could be a million reasons why. It doesn't really matter anyway. You are trying to have control over the situation by figuring out what happened to the very last detail. ... (46 replies)
... To be perfectly honest, you played yourself. This guy flat out said that he didn't want a relationship. When somebody says that, they mean it. ... (46 replies)
... But someone else could be in a same possition and as all threads are still shown in google, that bit of advice could help someone else :) (46 replies)
... It would be really nice to help us good people out if they would. Give us signs, tell us how it works and even for the future, how when you see these signs, you play them back! ... (46 replies)
... okay, thank you. i am trying and will. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't be that I am right and you are all wrong, it has to be the other way around! Thanks! ... (46 replies)
... That quote is from kung fu panda lol, Anyways being a dude of 19 and have slept with over 20 different partners I feel like I can help. ... (46 replies)
... I don't think this guy is great for me by any stretch...but it doesn't mean that he isn't decent. He is my neighbor....and I see him a lot. I was very forward and upfront....very. Still am and will continue to be. If he wants to sneak into a basement...let him. Not my problem. If he can't look at me in the eye... ... (46 replies)
... You now what......I am thinking that he has issues....maybe with life, relationships and a lot of family issues. He likes his free time and doesn't want to answer to anyone. However, I don't know wht I did that would turn someone so against me.....that troubles me the most. ... (46 replies)

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