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... i didn't go into detail about why I want to be less sensitive emotionally, because I didn't know if I would get any interest or reply. I do see that you can't help unless you know why I asked! ... (13 replies)
... strangers bc that's easier! In giving it some thought, I know this is going to be a process, changing my attitude and responses. I have, in fact, broken off "friendships" with people who are snappy and who are rude. ... (13 replies)
... If she would be more open with me, I most likely wouldn't be. I realize this is a vicious circle in itself, as me being controlling results in her being less open with me, and that just keeps on feeding on itself. ... (16 replies)

... broke up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. Over that period of time, I became so overwhelmed by my image of him in my mind as a little boy, that I couldnt bear to be with him anymore. ... (4 replies)
... a controlling boyfriend. It was my first relationship, so initially I thought the way he treated me was normal. ... (15 replies)
... I also have trouble crying. Normally if I see something sad on tv, funeral etc etc, I can shed tears. Growing up if I cried my parents would say don't be a cry baby and they would get after me for it. I use to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. ... (12 replies)
... You can be strong like some of us! ... (14 replies)
... totally decent and nice guy. He is one of the nicest guys my cousins and i had known. He fell for her hook, line and sinker. By the time he fully realised how controlling she was they were married and it was too late. She now rules everything, him and their daughter. ... (19 replies)
... Sorry, I need more examples before I would call your husband controlling. I don't see anything wrong with making the bed neatly (without the wrinkles as wrinkles bother me too). Of course you should wipe the sink after you brush your teeth, that's only common sense. Do you have more examples? I don't think your husband is asking for too much so far.. Does he work more... (25 replies)
... A women with 3 kids may get a lot of child support, or social security. In addition, it's a fact she would get huge tax returns each year. It would be thousands. Maybe as much as 10 grand a year or more, cash, to do whatever they want with. That might have a lot to do with it. ... (8 replies)
... I do love him having said that I wont lie. We fight over the DUMBEST things that he takes a little bit out of me everytime. I wouldnt be surprised if I woke up one morning not caring anymore. I do care about him. He did have an awful childhood. ... (60 replies)
... w. I'm much more comfortable in groups, and then once we are friends, I can go out with them one on one. Lowers my prospects that way tho. Maybe someday I won't be that uncomfprtable, but now it just causes me anxiety to even think about it. Weird, guess I'm just not ready. ... (18 replies)
... he might be gay, and long story short, hes decided to leave and try dating other guys to see what its like and i've decided to wait and see if there might still be a chance of us getting back together. ... (5 replies)
... nd social companionship. I'm not sure it has as much to do with how you're raised as your temperment, and I, while a firmly avowed feminist, don't think I would be as happy without a man in my life. ... (235 replies)
... Abusive spouses are often nice while they are bringing you under the thumb. Otherwise no one would stay around long enough. This will become less necessary for him over the coming years, so you will notice the nice guy parts of his nature fading away. ... (27 replies)
... I think all of the stuff you said should be thoroughly discussed in counseling. ... (13 replies)
... I'm with my girlfriend of 5 months, great relationship, really hitting it off. She is 2 years younger but smart never the less and attractive. Recently she has been talking with some of her old guy friends from her past on FB and what not. ... (4 replies)
... I will not be going to her home for a long while until I can build myself up again. Most importantly I have my own family to be with and to love. I am nothing like her and I do not never wanted to be. ... (9 replies)
... I've been married for 3 yrs and basically I think my husband can be condescending, controlling and he expects me to be someone I'm not. ... (25 replies)
... My second question pertains to my ex. We split up 6 months ago and he is currently living with the girl he was cheating on me with. She is very jealous and controlling and has forbidden him to speak to any of his exes or even any of his friends she doesn't approve of. ... (19 replies)

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