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... things moved so fast and we were so crazy in love with each other. over the past couple months we started fighting alot but it was always kiss and make up and he always reassured me how much he loved me and that he knew things were going to work out. ... (7 replies)
... I had been in a relationship with really nice girl for about a year, and after i moved cities we had a talk about how we would try to make long distance relationship work. We had problems but always solved them n stayed together. ... (3 replies)
... These are not major issues. Most people who get divorced have the issue of being together for a long time, owning a home, etc.. What to do? ... (35 replies)

... it just makes you more unhappy, which in turn could make your child unhappy growing up. ... (5 replies)
... it's who you end up with that matters, not what happens along the way". But I've always had this romantic idea that I'd fall in love young, have kids young and be a trendy dad! Also, I don't believe that age should be considered a factor in emotional maturity. Who decides when someone is old enough to settle down? ... (64 replies)
... I appreciate anyone who is willing to read this. I am so devastated and hurt right now. My boyfried of six years dumped me the other night. ... (160 replies)
... OMG we should be best friends. We have so much in common just from your post. Except, it's my sister rather than SIL. My and my DH have been married almost 13 years and have 3 children. ... (13 replies)
... I love her dearly. But the mere thought of her with some other guy makes me sick to my stomach. I don't want her to date some guy and think he is so much nicer than me, mainly because the relationship is new and he hasn't had time to get annoyed with her little quirks. ... (4 replies)
... I've been aching for a long time now to get this out, and before I lose sleep another night, I need to do it. I'm stuck in a real bad position, and it's not so much trying to find a way out, it's getting the whole thing off my chest so I can relax and think more clearly. ... (30 replies)
... A few months ago my partner and I nearly split up over my suspecting she had cheated. Long story short we sorted thru things to an extent but........ ... (3 replies)
... Hello, ok here is my story if anyone can help. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read that so maybe I can understand. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I'm new here, but I was hoping to get some opinions on my situation. I really appreciate any and all responses, so thanks in advance for your time. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, I'm new here and in desperate need of some support. This is going to be a really long post, because I have a really long story. No one I know seems to understand what I'm going through. ... (19 replies)
... Its pretty simple..make a decision. Be happy. Your just making things worse..Maybe take some time off and be alone for a little while to think about what you truly need to do. Nothing or no one says you have to be with either of them. ... (54 replies)
... have known each other since 6th grade.. approximately 9 years... and I have had strong feelings for her for about 7 of those years.. She's my best friend's cousin.. and we have pretty much grown up together. ... (8 replies)
... Good morning dma....this is distressing to hear. You are stronger now, but please know that something is looming in your heart and mind, like you are not finished. Please, don't be jealous of who this man gives his time and energy to. ... (62 replies)
... I need some objective feedback and input as to my strange situation regarding my recent breakup with my boyfriend. It's a complicated, ugly situation so I will try to be as succinct as possible. ... (6 replies)
... Four years is a long time to invest in a relationship. I agree that before you dump this girl for the "flavor of the month," you should analyze why your feelings have changed. ... (23 replies)
... ups shouldn't be there in the first place. A relationship is not supposed to be so shaky that it crumbles all the time. ... (17 replies)
... First of all, Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply to this thread!!!!! ... (25 replies)

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