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... I promise. I thought I would never be ok again when my husband of 12 years left our home. We have two children, and own a home together, and I had no income, so believe me it was scary!! ... (207 replies)
... well after a while, to make a long story short, we had carpooled together and spent alot of time with each other, and one day when we were hanging out together she said she broke up with her old bf and that same night asked me to see a movie with her. So, being the inexperienced and lovesick fool I was, of course I did! ... (6 replies)
... Im sorry for the huge length. I just need to give the full story here. ... (4 replies)

... Ok this is going to be really long but here it goes. please read. ... (4 replies)
Our first fight
Mar 12, 2005
... i don't know what is going on with me...I'm an emotional wreck. My fiance just got a promotion at work and so he has been catching up and learning his new job...working really long hours. ... (13 replies)
... I have been seeing the same guy for 3 years, on and off no comittment from either of us. In the begining this is what we wanted. ... (4 replies)
... I don't really have much advice to offer since I'm experiencing the same problem except I'm not even married yet! ... (7 replies)
... hi all...hoping to get some opinions on a touchy subject. ... (41 replies)
... Hi I guess I already know the answer to this question but advice would be great. ... (31 replies)
How hard is it...
Nov 24, 2004
... I've been cheated on after we were together for nearly a year and a half. He came clean to me about it, I never caught him. ... (8 replies)
... I would never ever advocate that. I guess my point was, you can never really be sure how a relationship is going to turn out while you're involved in it. ... (235 replies)
... No, he won't get his first paycheck until September. He will move back in with with his parents until then. He said when he gets his paycheck and gets a place then we can talk about what "we" are going to do. ... (59 replies)
... best friend. Secondly, I apologize for this being so long. It just takes a while to explain it all. Any advice is appreciated and welcome. ... (15 replies)
... one thing that I am wondering myself is, why are people still telling her to get away from me like she is in danger? ... (30 replies)
... Basically, I've been best friends with my friend for around 3 years. We knew each other from school, and in the last 2 years of school we became really close. ... (5 replies)
... and I have been together almost 7 years, and lived with each other for almost a year. I find myself to get extremely annoyed and angry. For one, he forgets a lot of things. ... (3 replies)
Relationship help
Oct 20, 2010
... i need help please!! i just don't know what to do anymore. ... (2 replies)
Advice needed
Jul 7, 2010
... My wife has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Actually the Psychiatrist hasn't seen her yet, just the counselors. Regardless it is what it is. ... (14 replies)
... Hi! I'm new here, but I was hoping to get some opinions on my situation. I really appreciate any and all responses, so thanks in advance for your time. ... (9 replies)
... My sister has been dating this guy, I'll call him Bill to protect him, for almost a year. My family is super close, we grew up with a Navy Dad and so often as we moved from town to town, we were each other's first friends. ... (22 replies)

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