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... husband. i would answer his calls and txts everytime he needed something or just wanted to talk. it was never about anything much just talking but it was usetting my current bf. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks guys. It's a relief to be able to talk about my feelings openly on this board. ... (22 replies)
... I need somewhere to get this all out of my system, for someone who isn't connected to me or my family to listen. I feel like a nag if I talk to my boyfriend about it, afterall, he's not using cocaine at the moment. I feel that me harping on about it all the time won't help him. ... (2 replies)

... This is more than likely going to be an extremely long post, so if you don't want to deal with reading it, you can press the "BACK" button now. ... (6 replies)
... This is my first time posting to this board or any board for that matter. I am at a tough place in my relationship and not sure what to do at this point. ... (8 replies)
... I don't think this is normal. If you don't say something about it he is going to keep assuming it's okay with you when it is clearly not. ... (8 replies)
... im trying to do so much, im trying to keep busy but there is only so much i can do. ... (19 replies)
... My story begins about 6 month ago. I meet a young woman 26 years old at a local college that was a student, but also worked there. She was hired by the school to work in the Resource Center part time. I meet her one day after school when I need help on a word 2003 project assignment. ... (3 replies)
... nodded his head yes, then later we were talking about everything and I said I already told you what I want and now you've told me what you want so the only thing to do is move on and then he says I still don't really know what I want, I said well our lease is up so we don't have a choice I will start packing tomorrow. ... (31 replies)
... Hi everyone. This is going to be a bit of long story, so bear with me. I posted a few weeks ago with the "Live together before getting married" thread. Well, an update, my boyfriend will be "officially" moving in in November. ... (4 replies)
... I am at such a loss right now... we have been together for 11 years, married for 6, and we planned to have this baby. I noticed he had been acting very distant from me lately and not wanting to have sex. ... (7 replies)
He Lied to Me!
Jul 22, 2012
... Well, guys, thanks for your lovely words and I'm here to update you and whomever else read this on my situation. I know it's going to sound like venting and that I'm exaggerating, but I write this in the hopes that everyone will learn from my experience. ... (9 replies)
... Hey everyone.. I thought I'd use this forum on the health boards to post my situation and maybe get some outside opinions. I don't really have anyone I can talk to about this in "real" life because it would almost certainly get back to my boyfriend and other people involved, and I don't need that to happen. ... (8 replies)
... Been there done that. It is time for you to have your own time and give him space. He probably have a lot of things going in his mind. He will tell you when he is ready. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that sharing my story with you will lead to the kind of advice I am looking for. I have tried talking to friends, but they just do not know what advice to give me. ... (15 replies)
... Believe me, I completely empathize. It makes you wonder how much weight to put on the sex and physical attraction doesn't it? ... (11 replies)
... I came to this site for opinions on something that has been eating me alive...I will try and not make this a novel. I am 39 and happily married with a 2 yr old son. My parents live 2 miles from me. They never call unless they need something. Sometimes this is money... ... (4 replies)
... If a guy is only out for sex, and you have sex and he still wants to see you, it definitely doesn't mean he wasn't intestered only in sex. Unfortunate, but true. ... (11 replies)
... I don't like to hit people. I haven't laid a finger on another human in anger in almost 20 years. ... (25 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am new here and am having a hard time in my marriage. I have been married for almost a year and a half, and we have a 2 month old son. My husband is in the military, so we live far away from any family. ... (14 replies)

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