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... ks. Men will be attracted to most women just because they are women. There is no mystery. Even if a woman is average or homely even....most men will find a woman attractive just because she is a woman. If a woman has even one physical attribute, most men will find her sexy. But the opposite is not true for women. ... (16 replies)
... take away all the modern technology and culture, and underneath it all, we are animals...sexual animals. There is nothing more life affirming then being wanted sexually. To be the object of desire from the opposite sex. At least in ones youth, it can lift ones spirit and make one feel powerful. its primal. ... (16 replies)
... able" Being unattractive should not keep you from finding someone to live your life with. LOOK AROUND YOU! ... (16 replies)

... I too dated my fair share of what most women would not consider the most attractive men. It's not all about looks for me. ... (16 replies)
... usly who likes me back and hope that things take off, but its never worked. Many girls just arent interested in me. The only girls who have told me they found me attractive were pretty much just people I knew over the internet, and as many of you know, people can look different in person. ... (16 replies)
... I SO get it. You explained well I think. I think sometimes we fall in love with being in love. ... (209 replies)
... w, I can fit in normal tops. I hate wearing skirts because I have hairy legs and you see all the hair folicles like thousands of little black dots on my skin. It sucks because I like my legs, but the hair is just out of control. If I shave in the morning, the hair is out by night. Same with my stupid face. ... (6 replies)
... Well, being only 5 feet tall myself, I don't consider being petite a "flaw." I have never considered myself "flawed" because I wasn't at least 5'6". Smoking is a flaw, a bad temper is a flaw, but not being petite. ... (16 replies)
... Yes. I totally agree. Everybody makes the false assumption that a guy who shaves his head is hot to women if he has confidence, etc, is clean cut yada yad yada, BUT, that's assuming he looks good that way! If he's got an ugly face (crooked nose, etc ) women will not find him attractive. And w/o the "initial physical attraction" that most women require, they will have no... (16 replies)
... early 20's, now I'm pretty bald, my head shines because of it, and I have bad complexion due to the oils that are constantly being produced, where as the attractive guys have full head of hair. ... (16 replies)
... God doesn't make ugly. I found that out. I didn't consider myself attractive either but there are people out there who will and do think I am. You will find that person. The only thing that can make a person ugly is their personality... ... (16 replies)
... e I used a photo of myself, a good picture in which I was smiling and well dressed. In the other profile I used a picture I swiped off of of a young attractive man. ... (16 replies)
... Well there is a saying, it sounds very corny but its true- "Your most attractive features are your heart and soul" (16 replies)
... Some of the most wonderful men I know, are not all that attractive PHYSICALLY....but, one needs to remember, it's what is on the inside that matters, not on the outside. ... (16 replies)
... The first few guys I dated weren't considered attractive, but that's not why I went out with them. The first one I really liked because he made me laugh, like a lot, and I really loved his sense of humor. To this day, we remain friends, although the relationship part didn't work out, and he still makes me laugh! I just hope that his wife knows how funny he is, because he... (16 replies)
... one more thing. While I agree with the people who have responded before me, I also agree with you. You are correct. Like it or not, some of us just are not as attractive as others. I'm one of those people. And I think you are very correct that there are times when you just have to face reality. ... (16 replies)
... and as far as looks, how you act determines how people think about the way you look. It sounds lame, and like b.s., but it's true. When i say I'm hot, people believe me. When i say I'm ugly, people believe me. It's all about presentation. Think about all the ugly famous people that we label as attractive. And look at Donald Trump. UGLY---but name a woman that... (16 replies)
... For what it's worth, I understand too, Sophia. Yes, you and Fabat both seem to be really together young ladies. I can also relate to your feeling of some kind of unseen force or barrier keeping you from obtaining the things you want. I've concluded that all we can do is control ourselves. We have no control over another person's free will, and we can't force or make someone... (68 replies)
... I know the feeling of not getting to kiss someone at midnight while everyone else is kissing. And I love to kiss and in general, I'm a very sensual woman. It sucks all the more to be single. ... (68 replies)
... being oppressed sucks the life out of everything around it. ... (10 replies)

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