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... Eh, personally, I prefer to be pursued. This is because of anxiety, and the fear and humiliation of being turned down. If a guy were to never tell me how I felt and I had a crush on him, he'd never find out how I felt. ... (6 replies)
... And that, in my opinion, is where the disappointment may come from. Let's not forget the op, this is a guy who fancies you and would want to date you. He likes you, yet you have a husband. He wants to tell you you're pretty in hopes there can be some progress in the flirting process. ... (8 replies)
... Furthermore, I just wanted to add this... ... (77 replies)

... Hey sorry about last night, friends forced me to go clubbing. I knew youre not into clubs. Im with them now. ... (77 replies)
... I know what you mean girl, but I guess im just too nice of a guy and always like to give a girl her chances. I never want to jump to conclusions and just give up easily. ... (77 replies)
... Thank you to all of you for replying!!! ... (13 replies)
... reason we just left him with the house payment is because it is more than the sum of all our other bills. So what we each pay for is split pretty proportionately to what we each make.. now the part about managing his check is where we lose it. ... (13 replies)
... Well thats great that she mentions the prom to you when you do speak, thats positive, also saying that she wants to surprise you with the dress, that is also positive! ... (37 replies)
To Murray-
Jan 25, 2006
... I'm one to very often admit my faults out loud and have no problem with it, and near the end I think I was just trying to be open and survey the situation as 'both' of our I just see that it really wasn't, it was his. ... (94 replies)
For the GIRLS
Nov 6, 2005
... ve in very confusing times, that's why even the need for all these games and why they sometimes work. For example, my grandparents had a good marriage for close to 60 years, and they never played any "games. ... (16 replies)
Not doing to good.
Sep 15, 2005
... Emma, I'm so sorry you're having such a bad day. but I think you're very wise and smart to break off all contact. It sort of sounds to me like the email you got from him that was supposed to be meant for his new gf, sounds to me like a dirty trick. ... (8 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been dating for over three years, like i stated before we didn't get sexually active til after a year of dating.. I've always had a respect thing..and My own goals in life... ... (20 replies)
Addicted to love?
Mar 29, 2009
... Zhope, this is a very tricky question, I think. I think it's very very easy for happily married people to tell you "you have to be happy within yourself first" blah blah blah. I mean, there is an element of truth to that. ... (4 replies)
... The reason for this.. I innocently brought up the fact I would like to marry my BF in the future. His reaction was not what I expected. ... (4 replies)
... by his parents nothing less and nothing more and vice versa. If you feel this has reached an unbearable point try speaking to your mother in law as a son. ... (10 replies)
How hard is it...
Nov 24, 2004
... I've been cheated on after we were together for nearly a year and a half. He came clean to me about it, I never caught him. ... (8 replies)
... I do realize how lucky I am to have such great and supportive friends and family! Without them I would be totally lost. I really have never had to deal with much COMPLETELY alone, so I really am blessed. I guess what my deal is now that I'm just scared. I feel I have no real direction in life... no purpose. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that sharing my story with you will lead to the kind of advice I am looking for. I have tried talking to friends, but they just do not know what advice to give me. ... (15 replies)
... of people who get married, felt they had to get married, which only led to divorce." I think about that quite often, I was engaged two times and I look at what I have now. Sure I see a pretty girl and go Ooooo. ... (13 replies)
... I am new to this board..and just need some guidance and advice. I don't even know where to begin.... ... (13 replies)

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