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... it's nice to know someone agrees with me, too!! ... (34 replies)
... Probably, when you get older and more eager to settle down, I guess you are more straightforward about what you want. ... (34 replies)
... Evy, I'm just talking about in the beginning of a relationship, that's it good to be not so easily won over. Then, if the man is real, and not a player, he will stick by you and your relationship grows from there. ... (34 replies)

... I do get and even agree with this GE, but at what point do we get to the "Loving" part of love? ... (34 replies)
... I completely agree with you, GE. Couples should share happiness, not make it for each other. Like in the rest of your posts, you make perfect sense. :) (34 replies)
... with that "whats your name" crap and when you're not forthcoming they get all offended. ... (71 replies)
... From what you wrote, it is most likely she had nothing else to do and wondered if she might be able to be interested in you when she contacted you. ... (4 replies)
... I think it's great that as a guy you give us a little perspective as to how guys think when girls play by some rules. It sounds as if this keeps up you may lose interest because she makes it so difficult to read how she feels.... ... (34 replies)
... I totally agree, Sophia, we have to realize that we live in the real world and that no one is perfect. I think once we learn to accept our own imperfections, then we can accept them more readily in someone else. ... (34 replies)
... I agree with that to a very large degree. However, while striving to be in the best relationships we can be and accepting "nothing less," we have to also remember that people are not perfect and sometimes we will need to compromise even in the most wonderful relationship. ... (34 replies)
... I've heard all sorts of things from all sorts of articles and books. Some even go as far as to say that the "secret" to making a man fall in love with you is to spend a lot of time with him at first, then disappear for a week or so, then come back. ... (34 replies)
... woman to interfere with that. After all...the end result is that we should be accepted for who we naturally are. Some people like to talk on a daily basis on the phone with somebody who is special to them and others do not. ... (34 replies)
... doing everything and making work out right this time. BUt I guess that's what everyone means when they say "move on." It was hard to get it through my head, but it's just about accepting that it's done, for better or worse, and it's time to look down the road at the next thing to come along. ... (29 replies)
... Mary, don't know if I have any good advice to give you, just sorry you're going through that. ... (15 replies)
... No, we're not in the same circle. We don't have any mutual friends. I went to her birthday party last year and met some of her friends, but I didn't keep in touch with any of them. ... (27 replies)
... So, Im still having some problems with some things. I just get the feeling sometimes that she doesnt want to spend a lot of time with me, or that shes just not that interested. ... (120 replies)
... She is very, very, strong. I am shocked by the things she went through, and am amazed she was able to come out strong and be not just normal, but a perfect mum, not too soft or too hard, strict but loving etc. ... (1 replies)
... t think much has changed. He says he wants to be friends. He wants to still hang out, call me, and see me and everything that goes with a relationship. We still go out to dinner and parties once in a while together. ... (14 replies)
... I wanted to carefully read through all your threads before responding, because I think your situation is complicated and there are a lot of issues at play here... ... (120 replies)
... Basically, I've been dating a girl for nearly a month now who I like a lot. It's exciting to be with someone again that I feel could go somewhere in the future, as opposed to my more recent "one date and done" scenarios. ... (7 replies)

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