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... I can relate to you completely! I'm 32 and in the process of a divorce. Now, I have been extremely shy my entire life. Now, I'm not as shy, but it does creep up on me a lot! ... (8 replies)
... Well there was never really an appology needed. She moved off to college, and I am still where we were. I cannot go with her to college. I have a full time job. We both were very understanding, but yet still, can't leave each other alone. ... (14 replies)
... and never came back except to get her things. I have talked to her probably three times since, and still to this day am not completely sure why she left. I never got the opportunity to be friends in that relationship. ... (14 replies)

... Well, I did that, in fact. I did that for an entire year, maybe longer, when we first broke up. Contrary to what usually happens, it did not help me get over him at all. ... (94 replies)
... I agree with this. This is so true. As I am working with 'him' in the same company as well so we see each other almost everyday. It's real hard to get over him. Unless I change a job and that's one of my plans at this moment... ... (94 replies)
... c theres this guy that has been in the picture for a little while but Im not really into him and am basically fading it out to just a friends thing. ... (4 replies)
... SO My question is how to get over the one I love or should I wait for her to possible realize what she is missing? ... (6 replies)
... oh my gosh, I could have written the parts above myself! It's great to meet someone who gets where I am coming from, especially the last part about being neurotic, on edge, never quite satisfied, always wanting something more. ... (87 replies)
... I have to say, while I admire you more than almost anyone else on these boards, I have never ever been prouder of you than I am after reading your post above. ... (70 replies)
... Great post, Heartland. It gives me a lot of hope and motivates me not to settle, because while I am not always easy to love, I do think there is someone out there who shares the same combination of adventure and stability... ... (32 replies)
... I hate being set up. I only let it happen once and it was a double date with the guy who set me up and his wife. It was so bad, I just got drunk... ... (105 replies)
... I am incredibly thankful that I have no adverse health issues as a result of being with him and it did suck at the time because I think he was convinced that I was using depression as an excuse for how I was. ... (93 replies)
... When a person takes advantage of another who is vulnerable by way of tragedy, depression or even being drunk, they can do damage that only time can heal. Move on and be thankful you didn"t get pregnant or an STD from this person. ... (93 replies)
... before he would ever do anything to hurt me. ... (12 replies)
... Corey, you state that this poster should let her "wonder" what he is doing, and that being somewhat of a challenge is "exciting for them". ... (51 replies)
... What other supports are available in your life to fall back on at the time. I have dated quite a bit but there were 2 men that were SO hard for me to get I dated for 5 years, the other, for 2 months. ... (8 replies)
... Unfortunately, I understand. I do think that good friends are very hard to find. I have one I'm working on writing off now as a matter of fact. She also schedules and blows me off. ... (5 replies)
... So even though you were not a couple, it felt like you were a couple. And then, in addition to being rejected, you don't really know why you were rejected since you felt she was sending you "go" signals. ... (27 replies)
... Ugh... what a hard place to be in. ... (6 replies)
... thy for her, and would for any woman in that situation. As far as one night stands go though, I think we women are in different territory there and that we need to recognise that there are a different set of expectations contained within a situation like that. ... (103 replies)

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