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... Can you really be bothered trying to work this one out? ... (77 replies)
... the man would and should give up. One more's not about who's doing the chasing, it's not about playing games, it's not about cat and mouse or playing hard to get, it's about GETTING THE HINT. ... (103 replies)
... it's hard to get over someone, and honestly, it just takes time and patience. Don't be so tough on yourself in the meantime, because you're doing the best you can. ... (40 replies)

... I was trying to edit something and I ended up erasing the whole thing... ... (87 replies)
... Sophia, I think you've been meeting the wrong kind of men. Whenever I had a woman be really nice and sweet to me, it always made me think better of her. It didn't always make me attracted to her, but I would always like being around her if she treated me that way. ... (26 replies)
... thing that you can feel good about. For some people it is volunteering, for others its helping out a family member with small children, or going out of your way to make someone ELSE smile. Even the checkout lady at the grocery store. ... (13 replies)
... Oh yes, I definitely believe goods things happen to those who wait. ... (13 replies)
... Just keep on being hard to get sweetie! He deserves to fight for you...If he want's to talk to you, HE should call or ask you out...Be independent and don't let him play you... ... (3 replies)
... This is true. I don't know what he's thinking messaging me. I really have nothing to say to him. It's not like we're going to hang out and be friends or anything like that. I never saw the point in being friends with an ex, especially not in his case. ... (93 replies)
... because its not doing the best of you. As time passes so wont this and the less you will think about it. In years down the road you will think about it but just to the degree of being angered that you got played for a fool by this guy. Just give it sometime and talk to your counselor about the whole thing. ... (93 replies)
... Remember, The person who treated you badly was already like that when you meant him. It just took you awhile to find out. Be glad you did before he did more damage. Whether he meant you or not, wasn"t going to change him. ... (93 replies)
... can do. Help her out the best possible way yout can but she will make her decision and see where life takes her from there. This is a terrible position for her to be in but maybe she see different than most do but only time will tell. You get an A for being a caring friend though. ... (46 replies)
... its just all about the restraint. You have to realize that females are bombarded with flirtatious requiest, wolf whistles etc by guys ALL the time. ... (71 replies)
... My friend of 3 yrs has all of a sudden decided not to ever call me again. It hurts me so badly because he is someone i love deeply and have loved for many yrs. ... (19 replies)
... The number one way to identify a sociopath is whether or not they are constantly pulling the victim card to get people to feel sorry for them, just sayin... ... (8 replies)
... I think your inability to give voice to your real feelings, and taking your anger and resentment and bottling it up inside is exactly what's causing your depression. ... (9 replies)
... en in a 15yr relationship with a 41yr man. My partner runs his own business and i do all his accounts. for the past 5 yrs things have not been quite the same due to all the stress he encounters running this business and so i try, to the best i can, to accept his mood swings. ... (20 replies)
... am happy in this relationship...for the most part we do have communication issues, and he has pride that he cant admit when he does something wrong, he tries so hard to act like he does nothing wrong. ... (9 replies)
... My fiance and I have always had a great relationship, he is very loving and affectionate and NEVER has given me a reason to question him, or not trust him. ... (9 replies)
... if your gf acts surprised that strangers she meets on a biking site express an interest in her sexually, she must really enjoy kidding herself. she wants to arrange meeting these strangers in person which is plain stupid and unsafe my man would never dream of allowing such a thing. ... (20 replies)

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