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... If your husband hadn't changed, this would be so easy to advise on. The fact that he's become different for 2 whole years now does, on the face of it, remove any argument of him trying to manipulate you into staying. But why did he change? ... (52 replies)
... This will b long. I have been with my husband since highschool. We got married young. I was mentally abused and he even somewhat physically abused me. He never bruised me or anything. ... (52 replies)
... See, you shouldn't be being controlled like that. If he loved you he would want you to be happy. I can see him being upset with your leaving to be with your friend if you totally neglect taking care of your daughter and stuff, but you didn't do anything wrong. ... (52 replies)

... Honestly do you really think this other man is that much in love with you? ... (52 replies)
... Okay, honestly in my opinion for now you need to stay were you are and try to get on your feet. Meaning, find a way to be able to support you and your daughter in case something should arise. ... (52 replies)
... ll find your answer for what is best for you and this man telling you that you leave now basically or I am marrying the other women not in those actual words but in a round about way shows he knows how to play people into getting what he wants, So as an outsider looking in, that is a form of control again. ... (52 replies)
... You say that your husband is a changed man. I would have a hard time believing that, but you said that it's been 2 yrs now that he's been changed so it could be true that he's a different person. ... (52 replies)
... Maybe, but I am not sure you must leave your husband and family in order to realize something. ... (52 replies)
... He could revert back to his abusive ways at any time. Your life was in danger once being with this man, and people simply don't change overnight with one snap of the fingers. ... (52 replies)
... I guess he has changed. He does everything for me. He gets groceries, fixes me breakfast on Sunday mornings in bed, washes my vehicle and does anything i ask him to do. He does still have a little temper but I guess we all do. He tells me he loves me all the time. ... (52 replies)
... I'm 26 years old and have been with men my entire life. I've always been curious about women but never even in the slightest wanted to experiment or have ever had feelings for a female. ... (2 replies)
... Larry Lous Mom. I see that you are definately a romantic. No harm in that but for some of us...we live completely different lives. ... (29 replies)
... You are used to him being there for so long? ... (52 replies)
... Can't you just put your foot down wiith this idiot and tell him to quit being such a loser? ... (52 replies)
... the details but since the man is from a lower caste, I can't imagine that he and the woman have had a "real" relationship beyond something like seeing each other in a work setting. ... (29 replies)
... re for wanting to go to the beach with friends. Being patient with someone like that, giving them more attention achieves nothing but to tread on eggshells avoiding conflict and isolating yourself from friends and others. ... (52 replies)
... You also mentioned he would get "ill" if you went out without him. He is being very possessive and controlling, which is really just another form of abuse. You are still not free to be who you are and to enjoy your life as you see fit. ... (52 replies)
... daughter relationship. If you can't fix this basic defect in your relationship, then the divorce seems to be the only way to go. But try again, and in any case don't carry on this attitude to another relationship you might have. ... (52 replies)
... If 2 people are in love WITH EACH OTHER, is it possible for either of them to truley move on? ... (30 replies)
... Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that sharing my story with you will lead to the kind of advice I am looking for. I have tried talking to friends, but they just do not know what advice to give me. ... (15 replies)

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