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... y of times over the past months. I had also consisantly brought it up over the past month. I have also asked if she could do certain things that she used to do in bed for months. She doesn't have a fear of these sexual things she is just damn lazy. ... (17 replies)
... The one point I feel confident on is that if a woman wants to sleep with me, I feel confident I could get her to want to marry me, or at least date me very seriously for a very long term. ... (32 replies)
... Maybe he is truly busy and spending as much time as he can in the week he has available with his children. ... (9 replies)

... Accepting it however, doesn't mean that it won't frustrate him sometimes. Just like a clean freak living with a messy person. You may accept them and still love them very much, but it doesn't mean that it's not going to annoy the hell out of you!!! ... (5 replies)
... Ha there. Allow me to be frank with you... relationships are a interesting and often complicated aspect of human life. ... (7 replies)
... Keeping in mind that we are only hearing one side of the story... ... (12 replies)
Feb 17, 2005
... Okay, this is what is so insidious about being with a cheater. ... (22 replies)
... NO. Your not being too harsh, those things are expected from a normal relationship. The fact that you wonder if your being too harsh makes me think your not quite ready to give this ultimatum. He'll likely cry, whine and bargain like his life depends on it until you soften. ... (464 replies)
... I am in a long distance relationship with a girl I love very much. We have met alot and have spent a good amount of time together on trips and at her home. ... (5 replies)
... It is very true that if he is not making you feel safe in your relationship that you will become insecure, and as a result, jealous. I dated a man shortly before meeting my Dh, that made me that way while we were together. It drove me NUTS because I am NOT jealous by nature! ... (13 replies)
... I hope it's not just a sex relationship, it doesn't feel like it on my end, however I'm quite inexperienced with long term relationships so maybe I don't see it for what it really is? ... (13 replies)
... Just to give a short background, I haven't dated a lot in my life. I had a bad break up 5 months ago, I think I handled it in a really healthy way and gave myself time to grieve, saw my therapist when needed and went through the whole process. ... (3 replies)
Unable to believe
Sep 20, 2011
... I don't normally post on these topics but just felt compelled to comment on this one. First of all I am in NO way a relationship expert, or a an expert on women. I am married and also a guy. ... (36 replies)
... Hi, Im sorry you have had a break-up today. Its horrible thinking this way and I am trying so so hard to stop but its difficult. I have always thought the way I do and think because i have always thought this way that its going to be hard for me to think any differently. I know i have to change and I have spoke to him about me being so insecure and being worried & paranoid... (5 replies)
... What is the point of being with someone you can't trust and have to spy on? ... (14 replies)
Human Doormat
Jan 24, 2009
... With my ex, I remember talking to her once or twice about how I needed to spend more time with my friends, and she got very defensive and insecure about it. She thought that I was accusing her of monopolizing all of my time. She was very irrational about the whole thing. ... (30 replies)
... I can see what LLM is getting at, but I don't agree that anyone should have to jump through hoops or walk on eggshells to be in a relationship. If that is the dynamics of their relationship, well, good luck to them, but they are both willing partners in the game. ... (34 replies)
... I know she has played games with my head in the past, and i believe this whole situation is another game, but the games have surely cut down by a lot. ... (13 replies)
... I think most women's problem with porn is that they're insecure and they think that you're more attracted to the women in the movie than to her, or that the actress is your ideal woman. ... (25 replies)
... or willingness to engage in intercourse. Some women seem very into it, and initiate it more often than I do. ... (7 replies)

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