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Hard to be alone
Jun 29, 2006
... you are a wonderful friend! You and Jenna both are really special women and I bet all your friends feel really lucky that you are part of their lives. ... (17 replies)
... Just go! and have lunch with the guy. Since he is visiting from out of town, this is not likely to be a regular occurance. Your intentions are innocent and lunch will most likely be in a public place. ... (182 replies)
... why would anyone be expected to be "okay" with their SO being surrounded by naked people? ... (22 replies)

... obably right all along. The intuition you are talking about is not something magical hehe. It usually has to do with little signs that you can not pinpoint. I am a guy but I do know that women pay attention to little details that most men do not. ... (3 replies)
... A couple of years ago my bf of the time and I broke up for a while and during that time he went out with another girl, supposedly nothing happened except a kiss. We got back together and I became friends with the girl but I always had this feeling that my bf had something for her, it about drove me crazy. ... (3 replies)
... eightball61 yes i do beleive your right ,, about her not wanting to be tied down,, we have been togethor since she was 19 and she is goign to be 25 in a week,,, I can understand it,,I went thru it telling her i dont know what i want.... ... (36 replies)
... It's possible the X was insecure or that he felt in some way I resented his being with his friends. This is complex. ... (340 replies)
... villagegal and always, thanks for telling me that you are both in the same boat. Makes me feel a little less insane. hb2002, that's interesting. I think it could be both situations for me. ... (13 replies)
... called fights in a relationship that were about nothing but this person's lack of stability and depression. ... (7 replies)
... So, last weekend she said she's about to enter a big wave of depression and doesn't want to put me through it. ... (2 replies)
Any ideas?
May 29, 2006
... Hey guys, it's me again...I have an update on the situation with this girl! No point creating a new thread... ... (9 replies)
... Well, first, I guess my main point that I'm trying to make is that it was more than just a tossed off, slightly biting remark. It was cutting and designed and calculated to hurt and cut deep. He went for the jugular and that's just not fair. ... (25 replies)
... Sophia, I think your attitude lately has been really seem a lot more sure of yourself and committed not to settle for anything less than everything you deserve. ... (36 replies)
... ly and infrequently of late. I would try very hard to have this next conversation somewhere private in person, not on the phone, because it may be too important a conversation to suscept it to the misunderstandings and feeling of distance that often occur during phone calls. ... (113 replies)
... r lives it worked out fine, now I think it will for sure ruin us. I have always had boyfriends and she has always resented this. At 22, she has never ever been in a relationship. I feel horrible for her, but she is so insecure and does nothing about it. ... (9 replies)
... well here it goes! ive been on and off with this girl for a little over 5 years,, we bolth love each other,,, But we didnt have that real close bond,,, i think we are bolth scared to some sense of putting in,, she seems to have alot of insecurities,, some caused by me,,, most caused by herself,,,,,im def not perfect either .... anyway we have split and seen other... (36 replies)
... traits. I'm on the other, 'bad', side of the story, and hope to show you a little of the struggle I have been going through. ... (48 replies)
... I am sorry to hear about this latest contact, really deserve so much better! In my opinion, your fiance is not remotely worthy of you, considering all the flirting he has done while supposedly committed to you. ... (24 replies)
... think that you're overreacting. First of all, him talking about you to this girl and telling you about the incident are good signs, not suspicious ones...I'd be a lot more concerned if he didn't mention his GF to her or if he never mentioned what happened to you. ... (4 replies)
... serious girl friend for close to a year now. I am 29, she is 31. She has had 4 other long term relationships before me, this is my first one. ... (1 replies)

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