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... do with me being fearful of commitment and monogamy, nor do I think that having strong desires for more than one man mean I'm somehow flawed or that all this is a defense mechanism rather than just my honest, healthy attitude toward my sexuality. ... (30 replies)
Jun 23, 2004
... c if he arrive with me he should have left with me not me putting him in a car and him coming back to find me having a good time... ... (20 replies)
... To be being insecure is part of being jealous. You say you are not a jealous person but you get angry when she talks about these guys. I dont understand how you can be insecure on her relationship in the past. ... (10 replies)

... For some time now I am going through a really hard break up, and I would really use some fresh advice in case someone has gone through a similar experience in any way, since I'm not sure anymore what to do. ... (0 replies)
... We got into a really big argument, and she said some mean things to me, and i decided i need a day or two apart to decide if we can continue our relationship. ... (48 replies)
... and it has been my experience that to be in a healthy relationship, you NEED to accept your partner for who they are... right now... ... (50 replies)
... Absurd" is not a strong word. His analogy didn't fit the situation. Security is not a result of good genes, but the result of maturity, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and generally like who you are. ... (48 replies)
... ursed him, took care of him while he was sick, he was having bad mood swings again, he had those before, he just cant control them and takes his moods out on me, being totally aggravated and unreasonable about things, ,and when I finally break down under it, because I can not take it anymore, he tells me I am overreacting. ... (5 replies)
Feb 23, 2011
... ed to put up with her as long as you did! Apprently the only way she feels validated is by seeking attention from as many guys as possible. Therefore she is not relationship material. If anyone is insecure its her for constantly needing guys to give her a the time of day. ... (3 replies)
Interracial Dating
Oct 25, 2006
... Well, here's a post that I am UNABLE to ignore or to let go. ... (11 replies)
30 Something Men
Oct 24, 2005
... With all due respect, I strongly disagree with this approach. It would be a sad world if we always had to play games with the people we loved in an effort to keep them interested. ... (77 replies)
... Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as you, GK at first, that she was just a little drunk one night and overreacted because she missed you. ... (11 replies)
... saying he missed me. From then on we talked and by Wednesday we were back together. He actually told me that he brokeup with me because he got scared. Also said a friend of his helped him see the mistake of breaking up with me. ... (7 replies)
... Nothing that you posted points to him being the one with a problem. It sounds very much like you're the one who has a serious problem. You're very insecure and you're totally making up assumptions about your bf's feelings despite the fact that he's been telling you that he doesn't have a problem. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here on this website and I apologize in advance for it being so long, but I'm in desperate need of some answers and some advice. ... (0 replies)
... I know that I will get over it and realize that he isn't what I wanted for the rest of my life. It's so weird how the tables have turned in our relationship. A few months ago I had the upper hand in the relationship you could say....sometimes I almost felt like he cared more than I did. ... (35 replies)
... g her alone for now while work your emotions out. I hope you will dwell on yourself and what you really want out of life. I just don't believe you would fall for a lady that is so shallow as to only want to marry you just to impress others, or anything else except she wants to be with YOU. I don't believe she is like that.. ... (77 replies)
... did you really see these things in her? ... (22 replies)
Love issue
Aug 11, 2006
... I believe very strongly that the way to tell if a relationship is a positive, beneficial influence in your life is to evaluate what that relationship brings out in you. ... (47 replies)
... en out" for the same reason you'd chicken out. He could be nervous, insecure, think you're outta his league, think you weren't that into him, etc. Most guys have a huge fear of rejection. ... (2 replies)

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