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Am I being silly?
Oct 17, 2005
... I'm a complainer.. ... (4 replies)
... Jealousy results from feeling insecure within a relationship, and not because you are an insecure or jealous person. For some reason your partner is not making you feel secure and until you are feeling secure in the relationship, jealousy will alway prevail. ... (13 replies)
... I just want to state that a little jealousy in any relationship is extremely healthy and extremely normal. In fact, I often found it to be a key ingredient in whether or not a relationship will work or is working. ... (6 replies)

... people to talk to about this. This post will be long but your time and thoughts will be much appreciated. I'm currently 22 and never have been in a real relationship before nor have I tried. I served in the Air Force and spent most of my time on my job and finding out more of who I am. ... (3 replies)
... time is a good thing. ... (18 replies)
... I am a very insecure person, and over the years and through therapy for me I have come to realize I am insecure because I had a very bad childhood. I was abused physically and emotionally. As well, when my parents were together my father would abuse my mother. ... (5 replies)
... Those of you who remember me from my last failed relationship please bear with me. I've met a new guy, very shortly after the last breakup with the spy guy that I had been dating about 8 months. ... (18 replies)
... and the friend I had a sexual relationship with, I figured, I could forgive her if we both agreed that doing these things were destructive. ... (6 replies)
... I've been with my bf for about a year now. When we got together, he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 3.5 years. ... (10 replies)
... seems as this topic kinda brought up a "good" debate with great points to ponder. ... (15 replies)
... After getting out of my longest relationship, one year and a bit, I feel so insecure about being with someone else. First of all, how long until I will start to forget about him, generally speaking. ... (2 replies)
... m hyper emotional still and have a lot to say. ... (63 replies)
... t really going to help you find what you want. I know it can be easier to cheat and date around behind your boyfriend's back rather than just end things and take a chance that you'll never find someone as good or better. ... (34 replies)
... I just became engaged to a guy that works a lot, which means he has little time to himself and little time for me. I am a teacher so I work from 9 to 5 and have a lot more time for myself. I become angry that he needs time and doesn't make more time for us. ... (9 replies)
... Trying to get a sense of what this girls I'm seeing wants. ... (7 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 17, 2008
... You need to tell her, "Of course i'm insecure about Dan, you've cheated on your past boyfriendS with him". "What fool would feel comfortable with you hanging out with Dan? ... (10 replies)
... Shes all here now.Shes really sweet like before and swears it was her just being imature and not thinking clearly.Now the tables have turned and Im moaping around and upset all the time. ... (26 replies)
... Well, I think it goes back to that "chicken and the egg" dilemma again because I think at a certain age, being in a couple helps your social life too. ... (179 replies)
... My question is about things slowing down in a long term relationship. ... (7 replies)
... I had the conversation with him today. He said that you should never be afraid of breaking up in a relationship, you should avoid it but not fear it. ... (7 replies)

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