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... much better to be alone than to be settling. It drives me nuts that there are people out there trying to make you and GG somehow feel lacking because you aren't in relationships! I really don't understand why so many women are so obsessed with marriage and think it's better somehow to be married than single... ... (576 replies)
Aug 29, 2005
... cant you guys give this poor guy some hope......... well im glad its proven that im not insecure and my bf adn i can handle our LDR easily. ... (16 replies)
... And you'd like living like this?? Edit: I was trying to reply to the "Girlfriend Won't Move In" thread, but that's not the way it worked out. Anyway, how much fun does she sound to live with? (9 replies)

... I generally agree with this, though I think you are selling yourself a bit short here, GE. ... (176 replies)
... Stormgirl, you are a sweetheart, not to mention caring, wise, and incredibly perceptive and insightful. ... (23 replies)
... and "listen" to other posters who gave some excellent advice, I'd like to chime in here with some thoughts on how to maintain a relationship for a long time. No guarantees, of course, because a relationship involves two people who are free to make their own decisions. ... (16 replies)
... bartender for years and has struggled financially her entire life. I hated the thought of her working in the plant. She's a very beautiful woman and I knew that every guy in there would be all over her. It's a scary place to work. Wives and Husbands cheat with coworkers constantly.. ... (71 replies)
Jan 22, 2005
... There are some tricks...Every guy I have dated, has always given me alot of attention. I never had to sit around and wait for them to call and being worried. I have never been hurted by them with words. I have not gone through them cheating. And they have all just loved being with me... ... (5 replies)
... I don't think that a woman pushes marriage like this or feel unhappy without being married unless she felt insecure about their relationship. The commitment should already be there. ... (32 replies)
... t handle a relationship right now because of his job or how his career has progressed then he will have a hard time handling multiple simultaneous problems in the future and they will occur. ... (167 replies)
... I know you love him, but the truth is, it takes a lot more than just love to make a relationship work in the long run. It takes understanding, compromise, respect, and compatibility. And it seems all these other things are missing from your relationship. ... (16 replies)
Am I Addicted?
Oct 4, 2010
... Hi all, my story is quite long and I've posted alittle about it on this site under other categories. I am here to ask if anyone has ever had relationship addiction or love addiction? ... (3 replies)
Reason to doubt?
Sep 23, 2010
... have read through some of the other questions that have been posted and I feel as though I need to ask about my specific situation nonethless. I have been dating a man for just over 9 months now. Everything was great until things became more serious around the 4 mo mark. ... (1 replies)
... This may not be the best forum for this problem. But i feel like its a relationship problem, because it does create a ton of unnecessary problems in my current relationship, as well as in any other interaction i may have with people. ... (13 replies)
... for your responses. I accept that I am just going to have to trust him to do it on Monday. If I don't trust him enough to do it his way, I don't trust him. Whats a relationship without trust right? ... (9 replies)
... he didn't plot, plan, and prepare to deceive you, to destroy you. He's an insecure man that doesn't like himself....he doesn't consider himself to be the master and commander of his own destiny. ... (81 replies)
... loved you, he would not want to go. It is like he is putting the guys first and this is not a good sign. I would never back down on how I really felt. You need to be true to who YOU are first. You can never be good for anyone otherwise. ... (80 replies)
... I feel that these two statements contradict each other, and that there is a lot more going on here then just a party at a strip club. He has lied to you in the past, which is an issue. I think the strip club is just an external problem that you can point a finger at, instead of addressing what's really going on. ... (80 replies)
... We have had a rough relationship, mainly because of my past girlfriend experiences. ... (39 replies)
... Things between us are going good, and other than this he treats me like a queen. But this is the breaking point. What he thinks if he treats me good about everything else I am just going to sit here and be like whatever. ... (29 replies)

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