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What does he want?
Apr 22, 2006
... Yes, he hurt me in the past because of his inability to commit to a normal relationship. If things were going well, he had to ruin it somehow by withdrawing again, which made me very insecure. ... (74 replies)
... an hour on the train isn't too bad, sometimes a bit of time apart, a couple of hours or a day not calling or texting can be healthy. ... (5 replies)
... sometimes I wonder how he just doesnt give in bc its so close to the actual thing! ... (7 replies)

... I'm with Destea, if you need more time, you should mention an approx. time frame where you see yourself being married. ... (128 replies)
Should I Apologize
Jun 20, 2005
... Well, basically, I'd say this is a very immature, childish way to relate to one another. I am the youngest and only girl in my family, and in order to survive I had to learn how to be a smart mouth and really dish it out. That's just how I learned to relate to men. ... (13 replies)
... d out he had gotten married, or at least been able to keep my other friendships and felt like I had some sort of life. It's important to feel like you still have a life, even though he's gone and moved on. Do whatever you have to do to feel like you're fulfilling your destiny and making some use of your life. ... (12 replies)
... i just cant help but think we could have been a good fit but he just didnt care.... ... (12 replies)
... Okay, I'm going to give you a different take on this and that's because I have been behaving lately, exactly like your boyfriend. ... (11 replies)
... Well, even if your ex wife has actively tried to interfere with this relationship, that's still no reason for her to call your ex the C word in front of your ex's kids. She is still their mother, and it affects them hearing daddy's new lady friend calling their mom bad names. ... (12 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone has been through a similar situation. My boyfriend of 3 months has a 5 yr old son and an x wife. I understand he will always be connected with his x wife because of their child. ... (8 replies)
... It sounds to me like he has his own issues. It has nothing to do with you, but unfortunately you are receiving the negative end of it. He's very insecure and he can't trust. He can't deal with not knowing what you're doing when he's not with you. ... (8 replies)
... nd I said that I don't. But then he'll agree with me that he sees my point. I want how it was but with time with friends and family. I really don't see 2 hours a week as enough time to spend with my friends. Especially when they have been nothing but supportive of me since I"ve known them. ... (48 replies)
... I was engaged last year to be married. We broke up for four months because we just argued and had conflict throughout our relationship. It was pursuant to a lot of issues we have had. ... (6 replies)
... I have taken a different perspective about your post than most other people did. I merely see your boyfriend as insecure and worried that you will drop him for another guy. ... (22 replies)
... My first more serious relationship was with a guy named Eric. We got to know each other, and as the months wen't by we got closer and closer. ... (2 replies)
... or just the basic situation is that I've been with my partner for 5 years and have suffered with PMDD for the past 3 years or so. For the first two years, our relationship was the most amazing love one could experience. The only issue was that I still felt a bit insecure and was scared of losing him. ... (2 replies)
... But maybe a diagnosis and treatment might have helped her? ... (25 replies)
... Thank you so much, Jessica! We do have a great name! That was very sweet and kind of you to say! I really needed that. I'm sorry for what happened to you too. ... (31 replies)
... Thanks for your response. I do agree that, frankly, edward is being stupid about this, for lack of a better term. ... (7 replies)
... We've been together 5 months now, i am 19, she is 17. I can honestly say that i am in love with her. But we have had a rough relationship, i lied for the longest time to her, about my past life, i told her how i've been with girls, i've done things, and stuff like that. ... (22 replies)

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