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... To me, it sounds as if this woman is insecure AND resents you for not ending the communication with other women you were dating sooner. ... (19 replies)
... Our relationship is quite strong and glitch-free so far, but the fact remains that she's spending 5-6 hrs a day in a room with the guy, and it's easy to start developing feelings for someone when you are spending that much time together, and touching base with your boyfriend for 1/2 hour max. (5 replies)
... e a clingy person as it is, I like my kisses and cuddles and if it was up to me I'd b constantly texting n ringing him when I'm not with him but know that that's a little obsessive so keep it to a minimum. ... (4 replies)

... So i really want her to know that im not insecure anymore... ... (11 replies)
... As you guys know, the relationship i am in started off very badly. Nothing was right in the first place, and it really damaged me as a person, and what this relationship could have been. ... (24 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 17, 2008
... So my girlfriend and I live together she is 20 im 22. We have only been dating for about ten months. She has had previous boyfriends, well quite a bit more relationships that I do so that isn't the problem but in two of those relationships she cheated on her boyfriends with this guy dan. ... (10 replies)
... But I think as long as he basically treats you well, speaks to you and treats you with respect and this is really the only thing about your relationship that gives you pause, then you're right, you don't want to break up an otherwise good relationship over something like this. We can't predict the future. ... (51 replies)
Breaking Up?
Jul 1, 2006
... you know, being in a relationship and loving someone does not have to equal blowing tons of money on them, lending them money, and getting yourself into debt. ... (20 replies)
... I think everyone's relationship is different. ... (30 replies)
... So here I am again....always find myself here when I have something in my mind because you guys are so good with the advices nd you guys allow me to see relationships in every spect. ... (0 replies)
... I am really sorry that you're dealing with such a frustrating situation, not to mention an incredibly rude, insecure, Neanderthal! ... (3 replies)
... relationships have diifferent views towards this. His friends are females and you can't really tell from the post of we have to asume they have been friends for a while. If he was just meeting women then that be morally wrong. If these women are friends then what is he suppose to do? ... (52 replies)
... as in stop being an insecure mess and figure out that just because you weren't picked first by a man, doesn't mean squat. SOME PEOPLE can have a bit of resentment and jealousy over their mates past. ... (37 replies)
I screwed up
Nov 7, 2015
... t like computer gaming because I would get so immersed. Sadly, instead of working these issues out, we spent time in our own hobbies until they seemed to become a way of life. To make matters worse, I oftentimes had to work opposite shifts from hers. ... (2 replies)
... r. You're comfortable connecting to people, he's an emotional cripple. Solution, make her feel uncomfortable communicating to other people. You're experienced in intimacy, he's not, here's your scarlet letter "A"...and he will never, ever, ever let you take it off. ... (8 replies)
... emailed it to him this past Wednesday because on Tuesday evening I tried to talk to him about all of this and our relationship once again and what he plans to do because I cannot live in limbo anymore and he got frustrated and began to blow up as he has been doing more and more now. ... (40 replies)
... I'm posting here, but I guess I really need some outside opinions. I'll try to keep this as short as possible while still getting the story across. And thank you in advance for anything you may have to say about my situation. ... (10 replies)
... I think one thing that you are forgetting is that sex, for women, is often tied into their emotions. Men are a lot more capable of having sex with a woman without caring about her than a woman is of having sex with a man without having feelings for him. ... (32 replies)
... Tubular, I noticed that you never answered my question about your friends. Not that it matters too much in the long run, but it would be interesting, and it would go a ways into explaining at least in part how things got to this state. ... (82 replies)
Human Doormat
Jan 24, 2009
... Since I made a reply concerning PaxMax's thread without input into THIS thread, I figure I would pay my dues. ... (30 replies)

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