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... ate on just how you feel he neglects you or is passive about your relatonship, then we'd be glad to listen and lend an impartial ear. But I don't think it's ever a good idea to settle for someone that you feel is much less than you wanted in a relationship. ... (66 replies)
... having not yet realized that most men who don't have major control or anger issues are happier taking it easy and letting the woman run most everything her way in order to keep the peace and enjoy all the benefits of her strong desires and fierce determination to get what she wants between the sheets. ... (300 replies)
... eathe on you, shower and wash hair before coming to bed, etc etc, but without judgement of the habit. Hand over the responsibility for the habit to him, and stop being a mother. This is for your own sake. ... (6 replies)

... right now I just have to keep this in the back of my head. I did ok yesterday. After I read both of your replys I bit my tongue all day. ... (6 replies)
... Well, my husband is a smoker too and I completely understand where you are coming from on this issue. Unfortunately you can't make them stop no matter what you say or do. ... (6 replies)
... It definitely wouldn't be OK with me, but everyone is different. Some women have a lot higher tolerance for their men flirting with other women than I do... ... (11 replies)
... This may be true for some women, but in general I think you're WAY off base here. Asking a man to not go back on his wish to date you exclusively is not expecting him to bend over backward, it's just common courtesy. ... (263 replies)
... r original decision to cut off all contact. I know this isn't what you want to do, but it was really your only choice considering this guy's unwillingness to be in a relationship with you. ... (11 replies)
... women will put up with from them. The author argues that quality men go for women who don't put up with any shady behavior, who stand firm and hold their ground in a relationship and refuse to compromise as far as expectations go. ... (14 replies)
Back together?
Apr 22, 2005
... to say that you probably need to clarify exactly what you want from a guy in order to answer all your questions, but personally I wouldn't be happy at all about being in a relationship in which there were so many unanswered questions and so much left up in the air. ... (2 replies)
What should I do??
Jun 20, 2003
... whether it was fear of loneliness, of losing someone you think you love, or the basic primal fear a person feels when physically or emotionally initimidated. ... (11 replies)
... then you may as well lead off every conversation with, "I apologize in advance as this is not meant to offend you ....blah, blah, blah" ..Since you never know when your going to get blasted, go ahead and hedge your bets. ... (4 replies)
... naware that women considered Saturday nights as an important night to date until very recently. I just had no idea that was the case, and I would have failed if a guy I was dating tested me by seeing if I would see him every Sat. night. ... (176 replies)
Scary Feeling
Mar 4, 2003
... Thanks for the advice and I understand everything that has been said. But, why do I feel like it's NOT ok to WANT to be in a relationship? ... (7 replies)
... I always enjoy your very thoughtful, insightful posts, Stacy! I know the above should make perfect sense, and should be what we all know and feel in our hearts, but as women, I think most of us look at this as think "Huh? ... (576 replies)
Me vs. His Hobbies
Jul 25, 2006
... I remember what you went through back when you guys broke up, and I am really happy for you that things are going better now. I think that you seem to have a good guy who wants to be with you, and it really is a question of deciding whether on the whole, he is the right man for you. ... (27 replies)
... and I work in an elementary school, so the few men that ARE there that may be of interest, well... ... (94 replies)
... I'm really confused about my relationship at present.... ... (6 replies)
... thing about not giving out second chances. All I said was that NG needs to demonstrate that he's sorry for putting her through this and tell her it's definitely in the past, or else Sophia will be setting herself to get walked all over from now on if she takes him back gratefully with no questions asked. ... (263 replies)
... f I'm off base or make inaccurate assumptions here, but I will give you the best advice I can based on what I've experienced and observed. I actually have quite a bit of experience with arguing because I like it much more than I should in that it adds a lot of passion and spice to a relationship... ... (5 replies)

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