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... is my son will appreciate all that his father and I have done for him, making this child of divorce into a positive one that he will be a Happy Adult with no resentment but tell a story such as yours. ... (54 replies)
... died when I was turning 8. He left my 28 yr old mother with 6 children. 6 months after the death of my father, my mother introduces us to HER BOYFRIEND. ... (54 replies)
... I don't think I phrased things right.I'm not jumping you or any one eles.I'm a stepmom myself and my hubby's kids are monsters.No matter what we have done as far as they are or there mom is concerned has been right. ... (54 replies)

... I'm living with a man who has a 9 year old daughter. There have been times in the past and occasionally in the present as well where I wish I had him to myself. ... (54 replies)
... Listen, I know you said that everything is fine in your marital relationship, but take a step back and really look at things objectively. ... (12 replies)
... with a married man just for the moment and just for the sex, but I do also believe that sometimes, a person can meet their soul mate when they just happen to be married to the wrong person. ... (10 replies)
... I support the business financially and with all my spare time to help with the computer POS, inventory, advertising and trade shows. ... (2 replies)
... I look back at the period of time after we were married when my two kids were still living home. My husband had no reservations about voicing his dislikes for certain things my kids were doing. ... (7 replies)
... I have been married before and my wife died. ... (6 replies)
... HI, I think your problem is quite common. However, that doesn't mean it's ok. A little about me, I was married before. I had an ok marriage. But I always felt like I was my husband's mom, I had to nag him. ... (7 replies)
... havioral problems. Get things documented. You need a mediator or councel to figure out what can be done. See what can be done legally to back you up for your kids safety. ... (20 replies)
... exhusband just recently got married to a real charm. We have 2 children, ages 5 and 8. ... (20 replies)
Step Kid
Oct 2, 2007
... I agree with the top two posts. ... (64 replies)
... ho was a real piece of crap. A liar, manipulator, selfish, pushy, cheated on every single woman he ever dated, messed women around big time, and now he's happily married with five kids. ... (23 replies)
... Once he married you mom takes a back seat. ... (52 replies)
... orrible and very wierd woman, and not just in my eyes, so many different people have told me this. Jim's ex wife completely stopped talking to her when they were married also. She told Jim that she was divorcing his Mother and wanted nothing to do with her. ... (52 replies)
... know your brother was getting married and since you weren't even that close to him during these years, I think it's rather unfair of you to assume he settled and married someone he doesn't really love. ... (12 replies)
... ough he knew she was married. I made it very clear that he must not be much of a man if he is doing this. She didn't say much about it, when clearly it is wrong. With what I saw this past friday with the continued texting, she obviously still doesn't care. ... (63 replies)
... affair in the first place is because my husband was and is still a very selfish man, and I guess has never learned how to show affection. So....I found affection with another man, while remaining with the one I married and thought I loved. ... (36 replies)
... Ah! Now you see I went through this same situation years and years ago. My daughter was 1 yr old when her dad went off with soemone else. I was not short of male attention and I married when she was 3 years old. ... (31 replies)

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