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... t happier. It's just one less thing to think about. No doubt, I think she feels sorry for herself and there is a mental part to this. No doubt she isn't happy with her body or looks. ... (49 replies)
... s to do it soon if she's going to. I want to have kids, but not for another couple of years I think. So that's another problem. She really is desperate to get married I think, even though she denies it. ... (22 replies)
... is controlling. He used to be worse when we first got together and we used to fight about the dumbest things all the time. It was so exhausting. My relationship with him felt like work. I felt like I had two jobs. It was so exhausting. ... (16 replies)

Step Kid
Oct 2, 2007
... Oh, come on ... you can't be serious. Let's just recap for a second. You think it's "obvious" that your children will live with you and your finance but... you don't think it's obvious that his kid would live with his only remaining parent if his mother died? ... (64 replies)
... No, I haven't been introduced to his kids yet. I don't want to take that step yet until we are sure what we both want. ... (23 replies)
... Actually, my "itch" is to have kids more than be married... ... (16 replies)
Desperate Dilemma
Apr 29, 2004
... my step brother abused me when i was 10 and he was 15.... ... (17 replies)
... you've been alone way too long. I feel like relationships are good because being in a relationship can help you grow as a person much more than being alone. I really hope you'll meet someone soon, like yesterday! Are there any single, elligible guys at your job in radio? ... (235 replies)
... on the inside , please for your sake and children seek immediate help and support on this issue , do not wait! Very good you seem to be getting some of it out by being here this is the 1st step but you have many more to take as well as myself. ... (47 replies)
... I have been with my hubby for 18 yrs, I have tried to be the best wife to him and mother to our kids. ... (7 replies)
... ther since we were 15...when I was 18, we had a daughter....however, he did at times become physical, and we fought, I decided it wasn't worth it....I was YOUNG, with a child and had NO idea what I would do....IT WAS THE BEST EVER DECISION I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE......I left him..... ... (24 replies)
Feb 27, 2006
... It was all about karma. I don't really know where I stand with it, myself. ... (20 replies)
... If she breaks up with her boyfriend and then goes out with you it will be because things didn't work out with him. If she were to break up with him to go out with you that is different. I think what you don't realize is by you waiting around you are settling for being second best. ... (109 replies)
... when I met my husband to be, he was just a good friend ,someone i could trust , and that's why I married him.. ... (9 replies)
... I'll try to make this as short as possible.I need views from both men and woman. I am 26 and newly married.My hubby and I have 2 kids together. ... (8 replies)
... osts. I sure appreciate them. Snails, your mom sounds like an awfully strong, wonderful woman. Sometimes I wish I could be so much more like her. I used to enjoy being independent and doing things all on my own, but I think it was because I wanted to do things for myself, now it feels like I HAVE to. ... (235 replies)
... And he is.. lately though, friends and coworkers have been telling me that they think he is stringing me along. We have been together over 3 years. I have lived with him for a year. ... (6 replies)
... Your a married man with kids, you chose this life, no one put a gun to your head. If you were happier being single, then why did you get back together with your wife? ... (42 replies)
... agnify the empty space that should be filled. It is so much harder to distract oneself on a weekend, when the rest of the country is out basking in the sunshine with their significant other, or playing with their kids, or partying with their boyfriends and friends. ... (35 replies)
... I've never been in your exact position, but I did fall in love with my best friend, who happened to be a guy. There was just an instant click and I went from being a friend to loving him, and he felt the same toward me. ... (54 replies)

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