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... He and his ex divorced 20 years ago and not long after she took the kids to another state. He fought it to no avail. His son eventually moved back with him and he did see his daughter regularly. ... (2 replies)
... welcome to the world of being the "other person"! ... (21 replies)
... I suppose this guy's mom hangs out in their bedroom, and can affirm the dying sexual aspect of this relationship? ... (71 replies)

... Hmm...this MAY not automatically mean she doesn't love you or care for you...why put herself through the stress otherwise? ... (21 replies)
... Are you being immoral? ... (71 replies)
... Wow, I can definitely completely relate to the excitement of something that is forbidden. And I'm not one to judge people for doing something that others believe is "wrong"... ... (71 replies)
... y right. I do always say trust your gut. I wonder too, what my motives are......I do want to get to know him because I thought we really connected. I did like the guys mind and we communicate pretty well. We laugh, talk, get along, have good conversation. All this is on the phone. I want to see how it is in person. ... (28 replies)
... I can see his point because I kinda felt that way with guitar slinger.......I was feeling, why not see where THIS goes instead of keep shopping. So now I'm on the other side, but I think this guy wouldn't keep shopping...... ... (28 replies)
... Now see, this would be my biggest fear of internet dating. I know the idea is to meet people who share your interests and whatnot, but physical attraction still has to be a big factor. I don't think it's shallow at all. ... (28 replies)
Date the ugly guy?
Nov 19, 2007
... I am 5 weeks out of a relationship and as you know I am having a hard time coping with the recent developments of his cheating and the new gf...but i am taking things VERY slow with someone. He knows where my head is and I know where he is. ... (37 replies)
... I've been seeing a married girl for the last two months. This is not something I would have ever done, but she told me that she was already separated from her husband. ... (21 replies)
... I should know as I'm a single woman living in a city where rent is astronomical and no one really helps me. Yes, it's very, very tough. But at the same time, what's the point of staying with someone who betrayed you? ... (21 replies)
... I would be very careful about the comment she made about he doesn't mind if she sees others, I would doubt that being true. ... (21 replies)
... You knew she was married and living with her husband when you started stpening time with her, even though she told you they were "separated" but still under the same roof. ... (21 replies)
... Well, if this guy was really as horrible and unfaithful to her as you say, she will hopefully leave him soon. ... (21 replies)
... You did the right thing! ... (21 replies)
... tyger when i told the girlfriend of the guy i was seeing i never met her in my whole life of coarse i heard about her from the guy i was seeing of coarse it was all bad things. ... (71 replies)
... You deserve to have someone who is just as committed to you as you are to them. Don't be the "back up" plan for her. You deserve much better. If she truly did want to leave this guy I think she probably would have by now. ... (21 replies)
... No Rose, I'm saying the marriage puts both people, on the same page with the same vow and offering the same committment. This issue is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. ... (71 replies)
... BF did... the "other woman" that he worked with approached me while I was at the grocery store... I wanted to kick her arse! ... (71 replies)

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