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... And yes I think getting older and wiser definatly has something to do with it. I don't advocate revenge, and I don't even think about it now....well maybe a passing thought here and there, but I really do believe in Karma, and I think that usually takes care of things..... ... (17 replies)
... Do you know the saying, "some girls need to kiss a few frogs before she finds her prince? ... (18 replies)
... s that, take for example the little girl who watches her father abuse her mother and maybe even is abused by her father herself, grows up and then ends up dating a man just like her father. ... (67 replies)

... they are getting cheated on just the same, or treated badly, whether they realise it or not. And so that doesn't hold out much hope for the rest of us. ... (66 replies)
... Hope you're both having a nice Friday evening. Nakita, how are you feeling? ... (64 replies)
Nervous Breakdown
Mar 12, 2005
... First, you said a couple of times that you don't even like this girl you've been seeing, but you're too scared to be alone to leave her. I fell in love once with a man who was fairly new to town and was lonely and met me and thought I was cute and fun. ... (10 replies)
... I would like to tell you, that I am seriously in a bad state emotionally, in that there are a lot of confused emotions that I have. ... (15 replies)
... Why in the name of God do you want to stay with this guy? ... (10 replies)
... Happymom is absolutely right. He never expected you to truly benefit from the therapy and come to the realization that you don't deserve to be treated badly by him or anyone else. And now, he's angry that you are getting better and learning to love and respect yourself. ... (15 replies)
... including beating you up in a park, getting physical with you other times, the whole staying up watching porn thing, calling you names, etc. ... (35 replies)
... women will put up with from them. The author argues that quality men go for women who don't put up with any shady behavior, who stand firm and hold their ground in a relationship and refuse to compromise as far as expectations go. ... (14 replies)
... thing about not giving out second chances. All I said was that NG needs to demonstrate that he's sorry for putting her through this and tell her it's definitely in the past, or else Sophia will be setting herself to get walked all over from now on if she takes him back gratefully with no questions asked. ... (263 replies)
... For probably the first time, I disagree with Rose. I think going back and sleeping with him after he treated you so hurtfully and rudely would be spiteful, immature, really demeaning and beneath you. ... (44 replies)
... I am quite concerned and know it's probably none of my business, but need some advice. My sister, who I love dearly and consider my best friend, is in a new relationship. The guy she is with, she says treats her great and is wonderful. However all my husband and I have seen is him being rude and abnoxious. ... (3 replies)
Here is my problem
Sep 13, 2004
... Marriage is sometimes a difficult partnership at best for some people. When two people enter into a relationship, on any level, the expectation to maintain and obtain respect, honesty, love and true commitment is reasonable. ... (150 replies)
... m thinks he's got worse but he has always been like this from what I remember with me. I have never got on with him, especially now since I have gotten older and a lot more opinionated and independent and willing to stand up for myself. ... (13 replies)
Need tips.....
May 5, 2011
... Wow, my hat off to this post! This is a very weighty post, anyway. There is a lot of food for thought in it. Actually, it all boils down to a power issue. ... (59 replies)
Need tips.....
May 5, 2011
... I feel like you're trying to justify your weakness and what you're doing. You've said several times that you're sure other people have been in the same situation and have done the same thing as you. I don't know about the others, but I haven't! ... (59 replies)
Another chance?
Jul 25, 2010
... is worth having a warm body in bed next to you at night. ... (26 replies)
Moving on?
Apr 22, 2005
... I haven't posted here for a while but there are some things which are really starting to get to me again! ... (2 replies)

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