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... able" Being unattractive should not keep you from finding someone to live your life with. LOOK AROUND YOU! ... (16 replies)
... Whether you are being too picky or overly sensitive, I do not know. Whether he is inexperienced or shy, again..I don't know. ... (6 replies)
... I too dated my fair share of what most women would not consider the most attractive men. It's not all about looks for me. I find that really attractive guys have huge egos and turn out to be total *$$holes! Don't sell yourself short, personality goes a long way. Personally, I find a sense of humor to be one of the most attractive things about a man. Someone who doesn't... (16 replies)

... take away all the modern technology and culture, and underneath it all, we are animals...sexual animals. There is nothing more life affirming then being wanted sexually. To be the object of desire from the opposite sex. At least in ones youth, it can lift ones spirit and make one feel powerful. its primal. ... (16 replies)
... oman. If a woman has even one physical attribute, most men will find her sexy. But the opposite is not true for women. They put much more importance on the way a man looks facially than men do. Women only go weak in the knees for truely model perfect, men with chiseled faces. If a man is ugly or even average... ... (16 replies)
... Think about it. Men will look at and be attracted to an average or even ugly woman with a nice body. While for a woman to consider a man HOT, he has to have a handsome face. Even an average or ugly guy with a GREAT body won't be considered HOT by women in general. ... (16 replies)
... Yes. I totally agree. Everybody makes the false assumption that a guy who shaves his head is hot to women if he has confidence, etc, is clean cut yada yad yada, BUT, that's assuming he looks good that way! If he's got an ugly face (crooked nose, etc ) women will not find him attractive. And w/o the "initial physical attraction" that most women require, they will have no... (16 replies)
... I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to add my $.02 I've also struggled with this problem my entire life. I'm clean and fit...I have good hygiene (shower daily, brush my teeth, use deodorant, wear clean clothes, ect.) I'm in excellent physical shape..tall, blue eyes, lean, muscular and toned. Although it has thinned slightly with age I still have a full head of hair.... (16 replies)
... street, we would have passed eachother by because we didn't meet eachothers' physical criteria. But now that we know each other, I think he is the most handsome man in the world. ... (16 replies)
... That's just being thoughtless and ungentlemanly. Of course a woman can open a door for herself. ... (14 replies)
... ial to hold and love to be there for and to have that person be there for them. It's only natural. I think a lot of young men don't want to be tied down and like being single while they're young because they don't have the biological clock women do. Men can have babies and start families at 50. Women can't. ... (11 replies)
... mail assuring her that you were just being friendly... ... (35 replies)
... d women. In Hollywood, the disgusting pervert, criminal, rapist, fool, etc. may be found with too much body hair. This translates into normal society as such a man being unattractive. I don't blame them, because it is! To fix this issue, it would take thousands of dollars of laser hair removal. ... (49 replies)
Need Help!!!
Jan 27, 2011
... normal thing to do, but im not one to cry over nothing and it's not like i was saying goodbye for good or anything so this behaviour is concerning me. I know how unattractive a crying man is and i don't want her to see me like that but she has this way of making me over emotional and i don't like feeling so vulnerable. ... (1 replies)
... takes a second look at me so I know I am far from being unattractive. So my question is, why would he say something like that to me? ... (22 replies)
... girlfriends who are being exploited. ... (43 replies)
... emales can get pregnant and have babies to care for, so of course we care about finances. It is very difficult to get a big career or have a big inheritance so a man doesn't have to have to offer anything to a woman. ... (113 replies)
... I turn heads though and never get asked out, but I think it's because someone else said, something about being out of their league. But I'm really just a shy person and don't really think so much of myself. ... (49 replies)
... think like that, the same way that most men don't have a set weight limit on the women they will date. There certainly are women out there who would not date a man shorter than she is, but is that really the kind of woman you want to be with? ... (98 replies)
... As a man who have had the unattractive female and the skinny beautiful type I can truly say neither type guarantees someone who is mentally fit enough to be in a happy relationship. ... (13 replies)

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