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... I cant take much more of being alone. ... (94 replies)
... find one soon, he's out there" while they're patting me on the back. I feel like turning around and slapping their hands off of me! LOL But you know something, being married for a short time now, It's a HUGE adjustment. ... (94 replies)
... I understand how you all feel. I am going through the loneliness of being alone right now. The pain hurts, but I tell myself it just isn't my time yet. ... (94 replies)

... Hang in there girls, and guys. I know exactly the kind of feelings you're talking about. Being super busy helps to an extent but still not completely. ... (94 replies)
... I hate being treated like a peice of meat. ... (11 replies)
... Honestly, I feel sorry for you Tara, as you don't have enough self esteem to see you are being used. You don't have the power, he does. ... (71 replies)
... It makes me cry and the fact that when I call him we only talk for a few minutes makes me feel like if I'm being rejected.... I hate being ignored. I always feel like if I'm too attached to him and I wish I wasn't. ... (10 replies)
... nd talks to his brother daily, sometimes for hours and sees him once or twice a week. I get upset because we don't get to spend much time together and instead of being with me tonight, he's going out with his brother. ... (9 replies)
... I feel like i'm being played.. or is it just paranoia? ... (7 replies)
... Because there is a difference between being married and living together. Why do men not marry their partners if they are fully committed? ... (71 replies)
... how would his cheating in this case be a lesser evil than, say, if a guy cheated on his wife after being together for one year, or six months? ... (71 replies)
... I'm not sure what tana wants by writing about her situation here. It's as though she enjoys being the bad-guy in real life and on this board. I don't know if being abused previously has made her emotionally void, or she's just angry and wants desperately to get even with someone; anyone. If her excuses of this affair weren't so sad they'd be laughable ( I suppose this guy's... (71 replies)
... so he kept on flirting etc.. i just laughed and said whatever.. and then my mum came and he was being really nice to her etc... and walked off to his other mates. ... (7 replies)
... Are you being immoral? ... (71 replies)
... Hmm..I take it she's sat you down and explained all of this herself. If not, you're hearing this secondhand, correct? Who are you hearing it from? Is this person credible? Do they have a tendency to lie? Would they possibly have a motive to keep the truth from you? Sorry, but I take the mother's statements with a grain of salt. She is getting this info from her son,... (71 replies)
... en't looking for a commitment, but then you also say that you don't want for this thing between you and him to end. It sounds like maybe there are some feelings being developed here. ... (71 replies)
... ical standards that they deserve to be pointed out. Doing what you are doing is dishonest at its core. One need not judge you as a person to point out the wrong being committed here. There are limits to what you should do towards seeking happiness. ... (71 replies)
... I know this isn't easy, but again, if you choose to get involved with someone who is married regardless of what they say their situation is, you run the risk of being hurt. ... (21 replies)
... l together my partner and this girl were also together and growing ever closer...I learnt later that the other girl would cry at night at the thought of us still being together when she loved my partner so she was the "other woman" so to speak and hated that feeling. ... (21 replies)
... I would be very careful about the comment she made about he doesn't mind if she sees others, I would doubt that being true. ... (21 replies)

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