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... I’ve spent (wasted?) my whole life trying to be “single and happy” – or at least OK with it. But I just can’t even try anymore. How can you be happy when other people see you as either a pathetic loser or a threat? And it affects EVERY aspect of your life – it’s NOT all a “state of mind”. It affects your social life. Either you get left out by your friends or get invited by... (68 replies)
... sing me out with it. Every time the conversation inevitably turns into this topic, and then she always turns me into this "victim," or conversely, blames me for being "too picky" and rejecting guys who in her mind must have been good prospects, but in my mind they had nothing in common with me. ... (68 replies)
... tly after my divorce, that dream reemerged and I "imagined" myself as this successful woman in the corporate world. I kept that image on my mind. I imagined of being on top while I'm living in a beautiful house, raising my son who is a child prodigy and having my sports car... I didn't allow any obstacle to get in my way. ... (68 replies)

... program that takes kids who are in disadvantage situations and give them a chance to take a look at what "success" is so they can have that exposure rather than being exposed to their current way of life. This young girl that I'm a big sis to is brilliant. ... (68 replies)
... there is nothing inherently wrong with being unattached, or being attached for that matter. i'm imagining your question is actually more rhetorical than literal. ... (68 replies)
... But as I say, being content in the single life isn't easy..I've kinda run out of movies to watch now, and I'm fast running out of other things to keep me occupied. ... (38 replies)
... I'm not sure anyone can tell us any kind of mix and drink formula for being ok with being single, especially if the years keep passing by and bad first date after bad first date go by and still no one special shows up. ... (38 replies)
... le or whatever. But I think as you get older, and I think it happens later in life with some men than it happens for wome, but as you get older, you realize that being free to do whatever you want is not really what life is all about in the long run. ... (38 replies)
... Oh honey, I think many of us can relate. I'm sorry you felt so bad on the ride home. Your friend probably thought she was paying you a compliment by saying her male friend would go after you instead of her if you were there, but I know that doesn't make it feel any better. Relatives and friends mean well, and many times it's our own bad feelings that make it worse, but it is... (38 replies)
Being threatened
Mar 23, 2006
... and why it is but it always seems like when someone borrows money and they don't pay it back, it's somehow the person that wants the money back that's accused of being the bad guy? ... (17 replies)
... other women. i don't see anything wrong with being friends with an ex. but you'll just have to find a way to accept him moving on. ... (11 replies)
... Shes all here now.Shes really sweet like before and swears it was her just being imature and not thinking clearly.Now the tables have turned and Im moaping around and upset all the time. ... (26 replies)
... Goody and Charlatans already nailed it but I want to add my observations. If you're willing to sacrifice for his health until he gets out of the "rough spot", be prepared to sacrifice indefinitely. It's not a "rough spot". It's serious character flaws. His lifestyle is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. His family sounds dysfunctional and from what I'm reading,... (15 replies)
Am I Being Selfish
Jan 29, 2006
... ink its unfair. i never asked him to explain himself, i gave him space. i have problems too, but not to abandon the relationship!!! at first i thought, maybe i'm being too rough and should give him a chance. on the other hand, i have needs. if any other problems arise, is he going to bail again? ... (9 replies)
... can you blame her for feeling threatened by a more attractive single person being friends with her bf? ... (35 replies)
... ould throw a fit if my guy was talking to another girl. But I AM the type who is a chronic worrier, and I will silently wonder if the other girl is intentionally being malicious out of bitterness. ... (35 replies)
... I couldn't agree more with Sophia's assessment, particularly in light of your most recent thread and how he has repeated the same selfish, hurtful behavior that he seems to have demonstrated all too frequently. I know you are looking to settle down with one guy and be loyal and devoted to him, and while that's quite admirable, it's important to ensure that the man you choose... (12 replies)
... about the pills being paid, we live with his dad for the time being. he pays for it. we normally pay for eveything else. ... (2 replies)
... well i did not realise you considered a request for a kiss stupid or offensive. (20 replies)
... E PERSON making that comment rude, I wouldn't find my lack of answering rude!! When we hear things that we don't like or do not want to give attention to, are we being rude by refusing to answer? ... (20 replies)

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