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... ns of insecure, not so attractive, overweight, short, uneducated, flawed people that are in relationships. its one of those things you can't explain...its about being in the right place at the right time. ... (94 replies)
... I guess what I'm asking for here is I being immoral by being with this man who is obviously already taken? ... (71 replies)
... e is no drastic change, no one can change overnight, but as he just sobered up, he might have realised how outrageous he was to me, he might have felt guilty for being "honest", and as I have been truely rebellious over the last few days, he also might have felt that I am serious about my intentions to leave. ... (20 replies)

... Ok, am I being stupid here? ... (14 replies)
... fear of letting someone in perhaps. But I really liked my schedule, doing my thing, etc. But I have worried about the same exact thing. Getting old, no kids, and being old with no one to help me, take care of me, love me etc. when my parents are gone etc. I have a sister and neice.. ... (68 replies)
... the best thing a therapist ever suggested to me is that what i was terming being realistic was actually being negative. i argued it to death of course, and it took a while to sink in. ... (68 replies)
... P.S. I hope you get well and feel better MG... I have no malicious intentions towards you... I just think some people can't imagine being in a state of happiness or content most of the time especially if you're in a state of negativity and unhappiness... ... (68 replies)
... as a huge relief off my shoulder because I found that sort of message from society that people have to be with someone to be happy, such a burden... and besides, being with someone does not take away anybody's loneliness... I still get lonely... ... (68 replies)
... I recall you mentioned some inspirational books that helped you. I wonder which ones. I am always interested in reading something that's uplifting, without being "fake. ... (68 replies)
... I feel sorry for this girl and I have a hard time watching her mother being so selfish. This poor girl had to care for her 3 younger siblings... of course, same mother, all different fathers. ... (68 replies)
... At the same time, there are people who feel the need to be nonconformists. I'm not saying everyone who likes being unattached falls into this category. But there are definitely people who fit this profile. They feel like being in a couple is selling out. ... (68 replies)
... I try to convince myself that I am happy being on my own. I'm happy being single and able to do whatever I want without needing anyone's approval. ... (68 replies)
... If you had asked me this a couple of years ago, I would probably say there's nothing wrong with it. I got so used to being by myself, concentrating on my career and hobbies etc that I rarely thought about finding someone, although I still felt lonely and useless at times. ... (68 replies)
... There's nothing wrong with being unattached, just as long as you're not afraid of attachment. What I do disagree with is the idea that a relationship is emotionally draining. ... (68 replies)
... I see a lot of people who are understandably frustrated and upset about being unattached. ... (68 replies)
... like person saying lines like 'all the good men are taken or gay', or being bitter and saying how 'ALL men are this way' or 'ALL men are that way'. ... (38 replies)
... She agreed to go to counseling.Shes so tired of me bringing it up.She real depressed because of the abortion and her being a bad mom.I keep stressing the lie dectector test issue and all it does is have us end up in a fight. ... (26 replies)
... I think that I only wanted him to involve me in all that and I felt a million times better being with him when he bought the toy. I honestly don't mind if things are done in a nice way. ... (12 replies)
... i just miss the good old days, but with being at college, working all weekend, him working the nights im free, it makes things so damn hard! ... (6 replies)
Am I being silly?
Oct 18, 2005
... ately worked out with us. So if you really love him and want to stay together, I suggest you seek help in stopping the way you're currently acting, and if you're being this way because you're bored with him and want out, then do you both a favor by ending things now before you cause each other any more pain and confusion. ... (4 replies)

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