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... I have a girl who is my best friend, and have been for the past 5 or 6 years. ... (4 replies)
... I think I am starting to fall for my best guy friend Jim. Should I try to see if I can take it to the next level? ... (6 replies)
... is so pissed at me. i get up at 5 am every morning to work out. ... (2 replies)

... and he called and got all mad cause we were hanging out and then he came over so he could hang out with us, even tho he hates me he just doesnt want her to have fun it seems like. is there any thing i can say to her to make her grow a spine and leave him? ... (21 replies)
... Aha thank you very much. You can thank my 10th grade English teacher for my writing haha. Also, thank you for your responses. It's just very difficult for me because he was my best friend and I just hoe there's a way to salvage our friendship. ... (4 replies)
... I am not saying she is right in being complacent about your time together but you are her life partner, her best friend, someone she wants to spend the rest of her like with and she has every right to expect more time with you. ... (50 replies)
... and that I should understand that he was with me because he wanted to be. Well that did not make me feel much better, but 2 years later I'm still there and she rarely is around anymore. ... (51 replies)
... him often fess up, with this he lost his patience, finnally we split....once the trust is gone , its very difficult to rebuilt, he would get mad at me for questioning him, and this ,in a way was more of a slap in the face to me , than the fact that he was cheating on me ...WITH HOOKERS !!!!! ... (61 replies)
... Sounds like the two of you have a cummulative dose of sleep deprivation ;) You really have to show that little dog of yours who's boss. We have a lab which is a considerably larger dog...and my hubby woud love for the dog to sleep with us. We compromised and allow the dog some snuggle time when we first retire and then we have a nice bed for her right beside ours which we... (51 replies)
... I have a friend who I have been friends with for 15 years since the beginning of high school. ... (4 replies)
... listening" to me cry about why can't he decide what to do knew why all along...It was her.......So last friday I find out that they have been talking behind my back. ... (61 replies)
... Truthfully your friend was the inconsiderate one telling his friends that it could change for them. My advice would have been to go without him this time. ... (1 replies)
Als friend
May 5, 2005
... I think I concluded that I'm not good for him, that for some reason we get under each other's skin and maybe it's best I don't contact him. I think it's better for HIM, that I'm not around him. I stir things up without even trying to. ... (2 replies)
... In any case, I find myself getting mad at this little girl, and in turn, mad at my friend. ... (11 replies)
... Some of you may remember that I posted about thinking that I might have been falling for my best guy friend. There have been some further developments since I posted, so I thought I'd update. ... (9 replies)
... money and school, so we talked and said it's better to have a good friendship instead of ruin it. We didn't get mad at each other or anything, we just become friends and continued like normal. ... (6 replies)
... don't know what to suggest that you do as I wouldn't truly know what is the right decision. What I do know is that I have more loyalty towards my sister than my best friend. My sister is my best friend and will always be there. You can have other best friends but you can't really avoid or ignore your own sister. ... (2 replies)
... I met my best friend, we'll call her Emily, in college about six years ago. ... (8 replies)
... I feel like we can really talk at length about anything, we spent nearly every day together for the last few months as we were enjoying the summer, and we just tend to typically get along. ... (11 replies)
... saturday, me, my gf, and my best friend are planning to go to karaoke. ... (1 replies)

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