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... You know, . . . I've brought up US as a couple, and she only says "you don't want me, I have too much baggage". . . . or something like that. I think it is her way of "letting me down and being nice about it". Plus, her being in Minnesota,. . . . . .would kinda hamper any type of relationship expansion. Anyway, I don't know the whole story, obviously, . . . but I think... (64 replies)
... well well well.....your best friend that you're in love with, that I've been TELLING you to just bide your time.....she could always get divorced..... ... (64 replies)
... haven't met him. Life unfolds differently for different people, you know. There's just no guarantee but there's always hope, despite how hard it is to see your friends happily in love while you're single. Some of my friends are already getting divorced and I haven't even been married yet! LOL. ... (24 replies)

You Were ALL Right
May 12, 2012
... e roof. It may come off as me being stand offish, but the anxiety takes over. So it's fear, not me thinking I'm better than anyone. At the age of 34, my of my friends are married with kids or headed in that direction. I don't frequent bars that often anymore. Not that that is a great place to meet people. ... (20 replies)
... ntil I married at 35 years old. Unfortunately, the story isn't happy. She eventually decided that she no longer loved me, nor wanted to be married anymore and divorced me a year and a half ago. ... (51 replies)
... Looks like NG is ALREADY getting cold feet without me even doing or saying anything wrong. Last night he called me but he sounded so casual and just aksed me what I was doing this weekend. ... (69 replies)
... is sometimes even worse! I am a perfect example of that! I'm getting ready to be divorced because of a 3 month long affair my husband had with this woman on the internet! She was 5 states away and they never met in person. ... (56 replies)
... thanks babe1973... i do plan on talking to him this weekend... that is if i get to see him outside of his work office. but i do fear when i try to talk to him (as this has happened before) he will give me the same response: You don't understand/I'm trying my best/I have to do what is right for my child. and that just makes me mad and frustrated because: I do understand what... (155 replies)
... Right on....Take a bow. HE will come and your maybe just at the age when that may happen....just don't wait to long. Do you have a Mr. Right? (24 replies)
... ugh the relationship. I was with someone else, just a one night kinda thing, anyways, we got back together and worked through that, but lets be honest, when you are 17 what are you really working through. He never completely got over it and what can I say the relationship went bad. ... (15 replies)
My own problems
Apr 20, 2007
... years old, divorced dad. ... (3 replies)
... My friend is divorced from her son's father, so it wouldn't matter if she said anything to him. He'd probably think that it is funny too. ... (11 replies)
... I have been dating a woman for about two months but now I'm wondering whether we are right together long term. ... (5 replies)
... fiance which was hard for her. At this time her parents were also getting divorced and that affected her too. ... (6 replies)
... ed about for years as far as relationship goes. Usually, I figure it out on my own because the possiblity of not seeing the guy again isn't a big deal if things are working "right" for me so I'm willing to risk most "tactics" that feel right to me. What have I got to lose? ... (8 replies)
... Excellent post and one that i fully relate to like i said earlier - confusion between love and attraction - when your together with your partner for so long you learn to love each other deeply - the lust/in love feelings go to be replaced by a permanent true love - you cannot make someone love you but when problems arise they should be addressed together - remember the vows -... (10 replies)
... That is a question I ask myself a lot these days. I think there is more than one kind of love, in fact, there could be as many different kinds of love as there are people in your life. For instance, I love my parents, my siblings, and my extended family. ... (10 replies)
... ll meet all of them, or that they all want you. You will only meet a few that are right for you. You do not get to pick men the way you pick veggies at the supermarket. ... (12 replies)
... It seems to me that you are surrounded by a lot of dysfunctional people, and you are the only sane one there! ... (96 replies)
... e friends...I mean look at your were BOTH thinking of being with eachother in the backs of your minds. You both were married...actually you both are still married. As far as him getting involved with this other woman... ... (9 replies)

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