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... Even with what you say about having struck up a professional relationship, I think the fact that this girl acknowledges you when she comes into the bank is a positive sign that she's attracted to you. ... (30 replies)
... I disagree.Prolonged eye contact could mean nothing more than she thinks your cute ,it doesn't nessesarily mean that she wants to start something with you. ... (30 replies)
... gift certificate to Starbucks...some way that she will have to call you. Once she calls that is your opening. ... (30 replies)

... I don't think you should do anything.I think if she was really interested you would know that without a shadow of a dout.If you have any douts than I say leave her alone. ... (30 replies)
... Well ofcourse it may mean nothing more than she thinks he's cute! - but hey, if she thinks he's cute then thats a very very good start:D (30 replies)
... The only letters I'm happy to see are the ones that arrive with cheques in them. Wouldnt be a good idea in the OP's case though, would send out some bogey signals, even if it did take place in a bank! ... (30 replies)
... I think you're debilitating yourself a little bit by overthinking things and wanting to make sure you have all the angles worked out before you make a move. If you try to ask her out and it turns out that she has a boyfriend then, oh well. Just smile and wink and say, "Hey, it was worth a shot, wasn't it? ... (30 replies)
... so there you have it. just ask talk to her and see what happens. i work at the corp center at a bank. not the branch.. ... (30 replies)
... I think its very encouraging too and thats a big part of the reason I want to try to talk to her. ... (30 replies)
... Don't get me wrong I am very encouraged at the idea that you seem to think she likes me by the way she acknowledges me and stuff but there is one possible explanation to that other then that she likes me. ... (30 replies)
... Well, I dont know about anyone else, but the only reason I'd repetitively acknowledge a man I didnt know with a nod and a smile would be when I was interested in him. She's probably walking by thinking of what she'd like to say to you if she could work up the courage! ... (30 replies)
... Whatever the reason for the interest, it is still one step ahead...I think you could do a bit of "how are you? ... (30 replies)
... Sorry Pendulum, I guess we're not going to see eye to eye on this. ... (30 replies)
Approaching a girl
Mar 30, 2005
... I also wouldn't ask her out somewhere you don't feel comfortable and where you don't really want to be. I'd bet that your discomfort and displeasure will be apparent in that case... ... (7 replies)
... Matt Next time you see her and she says hello, catch her eyes and hold it there, if you see what I mean. If she just glances at you when she says hello, then it may just be her being polite and friendly, but if she continues her eye contact with you, and you with her, then you may well be onto something;) (30 replies)
... m still struggling to understand. ... (52 replies)
... Ok, stop right there. Seems to me if this were really, sincerely true, there'd be no need at all for the rest of this post. If this is really true, then everything else is easy. ... (52 replies)
... many of my male friends who ended up studying engineering and computer science complain that it's very tough to meet women. ... (19 replies)
... Hi! My name's Megan and I'm new to this message board. ... (6 replies)
... I think this makes a lot of sense as did what rapidfire said about confidence. Honestly, if you want to go out with a pretty, fun girl your age, you are going to have to win her over. ... (11 replies)

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