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... If you want people to like you for who you are, you have to first like yourself! ... (20 replies)
... Our situation is a bit different, tho. ... (36 replies)
... ave a lot of trouble believing being with him was that awesome and amazing and wonderful because from what you've said, it sounded like he didn't even come close to treating you with consistent love and respect. ... (300 replies)

... s judging you or implying that your attitudes are flawed. That was not at all my intention, and now that I see it in writing I didn't mean the naive comment the way it came out. I feel badly in general that some things in that posts can be interpreted as much more harsh than I meant them. ... (235 replies)
... Dont try to be someone your not. Get in shape if YOU want to not because he wants you to. As for looking, and porn, I was married for 19 years, I have always looked, and my wife was never skinny. ... (1 replies)
... eatest of any i have ever had. There is just one little problem that has really been bugging me more and more. About halfway through the relationship i started to notice his wandering eye. ... (1 replies)
... picture kind of advice and trying your best to put some of those optimistic suggestions into practice. ... (300 replies)
... Ok river, I wll definitely give this a try. I will pretty much try anything that sounds logical to me at this point. Feeling a bit desperate because of the things I read earlier...hate this feeling. ... (10 replies)
... This is excellent advice that you should absolutely take. While it's nice to hear from those commiserating, ultimately taking action is what will change things for you. ... (56 replies)
... A few years back, I came on these boards in a similar situation. Many people told me to break up with my boyfriend because we were just "playing house" and that he would never marry me because he was "getting the milk for free. ... (15 replies)
... I'm a female. In my younger years I thought I was fickle and I thought I was unable to have strong emotion for a guy. Then in my later years I learned a little more about how I think. ... (9 replies)
Mar 11, 2006
... the best thing to do is use a different approach than what the other guys are doing. ... (10 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
Human Doormat
Jan 25, 2009
... the crushes I'd gone through over the past month or so, and I'll tell you about this situation I recently got myself into, which I've been needing advice on for a little while. ... (30 replies)
... See that's exactly my point would be wonderful if you found someone you loved very much who you could be with. But being in a relationship where you very rarely get to spend any time together in person is incredibly difficult, and that's the part that's most problematic in my view. ... (13 replies)
... I've only read the title, Matt, and I've just come to slap you and tell you that no girl is "way too awesome". ... (8 replies)
... I met this girl bout a year ago.....instant attraction...met her through a friend in a club and we went home that night and hooked up....we continued to hook up for some time about 2 months after that she confronted me and told me she wanted to start an exclusive relationship meaning "dating" seriously. ... (10 replies)
RUDE men!!!
Aug 7, 2005
... anyway..alright..i exaggerated a bit. i've only really approached a handful of girls in my life and all have had bf's. its my luck. ... (22 replies)
Office Dating
Jul 2, 2005
... y ever after. It all depends on the particular people and situation involved. That's why I think that if you really think she has potential, you should give it a shot. You don't have much to lose as long as you proceed slowly and cautiously. ... (28 replies)
Office Dating
Jul 2, 2005
... I don't think you should see her psychological issues as a red flag. ... (28 replies)

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