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... Maybe I am coming a little bit too late to this. I hope you haven't broken up with her yet, have you? ... (17 replies)
... The older I get, the more I realize you just have to accept your parents as they are, good bad and the ugly, and realize they are never going to change. It's unfortunate your mother says this to you. I was lucky in that aspect. ... (56 replies)
... D I walked right up to the girl and asked if she would like to go out for a drink some time and she smiled and said she was flattered by the offer but she has a boyfriend of two and a half years and that's not just an excuse. I believed her. ... (12 replies)

... ny guarantees that people will act in accordance with their nature and not surprise us or let us down. One thing I am positive about is that this girl is making a play for your man, and you do need to take some action if you want to preserve your relationship and let him know you love him and want him all to yourself. ... (17 replies)
... laws go, I'm assuming they are arriving at your house a few days before Tom returns from fishing? ... (37 replies)
... Hi Rose, thanks for your response to my post. I am really happy and excited for you that everything is going so well, though of course it's always smart to be cautious. You seem to have a great head on your shoulders and think through things carefully... ... (52 replies)
Im going nuts
Jan 16, 2007
... I know exactly what you are going through, having gone through if many times myself. I could give you a long answer but I will direct you to where you need to look to overcome your fears, not with just this one girl, but ALL women. Here is the best advice anyone could ever give you... ... (1 replies)
... types, in that I never really had time to contribute, but I thought I would join up. ... (9 replies)
Boring men
Jan 8, 2006
... ve better. And similarly, the quiet girl with glasses and straight brown hair mopes in the corner because he is incapable of seeing her love for him, her desire to treat him right and to do everything she can to make him happy. ... (87 replies)
Is it worth it?
Nov 3, 2013
... Basically I'm good friends with a girl or so I feel like we are. We always had a laugh at school in whatever classes we were in together but stopped talking once I left school for a job. ... (6 replies)
... I have posted here before, and have recieved some great thoughts and advice. I am at a point where I don't know what to do anymore. ... (8 replies)
... Mate, to try and work out what this or that might mean is absolutely fraught with danger. The chances are you will read it all wrong. I have done that again and again. ... (7 replies)
... t, the father is a very laid back guy, but doesnt make Natasha feel comfortable to talk to during rough times, the father likes me, we golfed, skiied' i was like a son in law to him, but He doesnt support Natasha, and she has to talk to her friends, parents for help i didnt see it till after broke up .. ... (10 replies)
... Quite frankly, many of your points are valid. I am not a feminist, obviously. Not because I don't believe in equality, but because I believe the progressive definition of equality...isn't. ... (11 replies)
... I think perhaps this situation needs to be looked at a bit deeper than just ignoring these issues. ... (11 replies)
Feb 28, 2007
... You sound as if you're more worried of what you should be doing at our age, instead of going with the flow. I would agree with taking a short break aswel, as long as its ok with him, and approach the relationship from a different perspective when you get back. ... (8 replies)
... thanks for the suggestions, so if I understand correctly, you are saying that it takes more than just simple talk about how your day went to build the relationship? ... (30 replies)
... ok i'll take this slowly. but it'll be long, try to read the whole thing please, if not, skip to the bottom dotted line and i think it'll be summarised. ... (30 replies)
... You are suffering from what I would like to refer to as "My husband must be my best friend sydrome"!!! ... (17 replies)
... minded and supportive of a variety of different approaches to dating and relationships. Sophia, your above comments are so right, and I think they reflect an approach which comes naturally to you, which will always make you more appealing than if you try force yourself to behave a certain way which really isn't your style. ... (176 replies)

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