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Feb 28, 2005
... bad. You and your man are not bad people just because you did something hurtful, and you really shouldn't waste any time feeling bad about the past. The thing to focus on now is the future, and if your relationship is happy and solid, then try your hardest not to spend any more time dwelling on the past. ... (9 replies)
Here I go again
Feb 2, 2005
... Cinjon, I'm so sorry you have to deal with such a shady guy. I'm inclined to agree with the poster who said once a cheater, always a cheater in this situation. ... (9 replies)
... I am in my twenties, and I have been married for almost 2 years to the most handsome, amazing, guy I know. He is my best friend, and we've been together for 7 years. We have a great bond, we are both successful, and we have great sex. ... (14 replies)

Emotional Abuse?
Sep 16, 2004
... Anyway, the first month we were together it was bliss, but when he asked me about my past modelling days in my younger years, i was honest enough to say i had made a video, just the one. ... (5 replies)
... I'm so sorry you are going through this. What makes it worse is that you have a child to consider in all of this. ... (14 replies)
... elling her the same thing again isn't helping because she keeps asking the same questions and they are questions we can't answer. And I, for one, think it's time to stop pretending we can. ... (204 replies)
... ex made things harder for you, especially with him taking off to live overseas for so long. ... (176 replies)
Dec 3, 2003
... It will be difficult. In an "entangled" affair, there is affection that grows far beyond anything simply sexual. As "best friends, or soulmates" the closeness is incredible. ... (73 replies)
... My gut reaction is that he never got the opprotunity to fully love his wife because he was fooling around with you. Neither you nor the woman he married had full time attention or love from this guy. ... (37 replies)
Why can't I stop?
May 28, 2011
... hug of support on my post. I've been with someone for 8 years and went through a difficult period where he denied another love interest although I have proof of an affair. Difference with you and me is I stayed with him but it's demeaning and I really feel it is time for ME now. ... (53 replies)
All ver now :(
Oct 20, 2005
... days ago, my wifes granpa was sick so she had to travel to another city. I picked up my daughter and took her home when my wife got home. ... (2 replies)
... By staying in a physically and verbally abusive relationship, you are teaching your children to abuse and accept abuse, too. It seems that you may be staying with her out of guilt over your own affair. That is not a good reason to tolerate personal abuse. ... (11 replies)
... he's pointing blame at you or her, then he's not accepting his own responsibility of the consequence of his own mistake. In his own behalf, he owes you the time to rebuild, repair, and form that trust boundary again. I am going on 2 yrs of the aftermath. It has smoothed out, with a lot of work from my partner. ... (36 replies)
Jan 11, 2012
... Ooh, boy. I know what this feels like and, to tell you the truth, I'm in the same boat as you. I have constant issues of insecurities, which I think stem back from childhood and my longest relationship. ... (10 replies)
... Hi there, I'm really sorry if what I said seemed like a low blow. I didn't want to make you feel any worse or hurt any more than you already are, and I sincerely apologize for doing so. ... (35 replies)
... It's going to be difficult distancing yourself from the emotions you are feeling and the cold hard facts of the situation. ... (16 replies)
... Well its fortunate for you your husband is willing to be civil. Mine is not. He said he wanted to take the kids from me to get back at me for the affair I had. And since the custody evaluator agreed it was cut and dried. Apparently where I live the judge almost always goes with the eval. recomendation. ... (13 replies)
... flat out hit on my guy and then tell me about it and how they wished he would have wanted to be with them instead of me, or spread numerous, vicious rumors and lies about me and other guys to try and sabotage my relationships. ... (34 replies)
... e. This all describes what I've gone through in the past couple of months. I was telling some friends last night, that I'm content. Sure, I wish I had more of an idea of what to do with my life. Sure, I am unhappy with how things ended with the ex. ... (77 replies)
... Have to admit...I have the Monday Blues. ... (1 replies)

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