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... I've been reading these threads for a while and have come to realise that there are SO many others out there in the same boat as me. I've had it with her. ... (5 replies)
... As for the affair, or following her, that is also out of the question, at least not in person. ... (12 replies)
... I definitely agree with Lisa that you are not doing your husband any kind of favor or keeping him away from pain by not telling him this. What you are doing is creating a lie in both your lives. ... (9 replies)

... I hate to be so blunt, but I do think the letters you found are proof that he is cheating on you. If he only wanted to be friends with this girl, he wouldn't have insisted on meeting her privately and that they both lie to their significant others about their rendezvous. ... (15 replies)
... I was involved in an affair and the phone check in that you mentioned is very true. I used to call my husband just before meeting my lover just to make sure he was at work. I would also called him just after I left my lover. Always. ... (67 replies)
... been caught redhanded there. If that's his personal phone I couldn't imagine what his work one is like. I think I would be pretty pissed if my husband claimed to have no time to talk to me at work but could call her on his way home or whenever. ... (86 replies)
... i think the same thing tell her you,ve met somone who's after you for sex and see how she reacts but make sure she knows ur not after them that u'd rather have her but this woman is defintly after you and ask her how u can deal with it, she,ll either get real jelous and tell u how to deal with it and bedtime will be great or if she does,nt then maybe shes having an affair... (40 replies)
... I am going to shamefully admit that I was once the mistress of a cheating man. I can give you some insight as to the things he used to do that should set off red lights for you. ... (67 replies)
Angry & frustrated
Aug 20, 2011
... i really need some help with this. i had a recent incident in my life. tht hit me really hard n deep. well let me put it this way i was engaged with a guy, it was an arranged one, due to family reasons. ... (1 replies)
Having an affair
Nov 30, 2007
... you are living in the past. im sorry but people who hold grudges over people from long ago must have a boring life. they simply havent moved on. im sure everyone of us on these boards have been heartbroken over a boyfriend, girlfriend or a friend. ... (24 replies)
Aug 2, 2005
... I'd like to help you with this a little bit since I once was in your two shoes. First you must realize that the only one you are capable of changing is YOURSELF. If you think that you are going to change your husband by demandig it of him, or constantly asking him too, it won't work. ... (36 replies)
What to do?
Sep 5, 2004
... With regard to your marriage, I can't tell you to flat out leave your husband, but I just don't see any sense in staying in a marriage that makes you so unhappy. ... (74 replies)
... OMG! I could have written this! I had this same mother inlaw! All the same stuff......only mine even went as far as to blatently lie. She couldn't keep up with all her lies and eventually got caught. I feel for you. ... (5 replies)
... I had never considered that the "confidential conversation" might have been a set up. I would hate to think he would do that to me, but I'm sure there are a lot of things I don't know or realize about him. ... (18 replies)
... Have to admit...I have the Monday Blues. ... (1 replies)
Gotta get it out.
Nov 23, 2009
... So, I've been with my husband for almost ten years. We've actually been married for 6. He is a wonderful man and I don't ever want to be without him. I'm worried though that he doesn't feel the same way. We've been through a lot of stuff over the last three years. ... (8 replies)
... You don't have to tell his parents, they will find out soon enough! when you finaly leave. ... (61 replies)
... Writing here with a broken heart. My best friend of 15 years called me tonight to tell me his world has collapsed. ... (2 replies)
... God Lisa.. this situation doesn't sound good. I never been in a situation where I thought my DH has been cheating but my father cheated on my mother with her best friend at the time. She got suspicious of them and he was also on chat lines trying to get several other women on the go. I was a teenager at the time. ... (31 replies)
Why can't I stop?
May 28, 2011
... Thanks for your hug of support on my post. ... (53 replies)

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