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... I can definitely understand my parents not wanting me to use their home as a "stopping point". I really do understand it. Perhaps they see my arriving home late at night as such. ... (19 replies)
... was showing her bf pictures of this girl on her page to her bf,and from the sou nds of it she has known for a little bit now. ... (2 replies)
... This sounds a lot different from your final post. sorry if we got it wrong but this (above) is what we had to go on. Which is closer to the truth? (23 replies)

... has been making SUCH a big deal out of this event since around february when he decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate. Whenever we're with friends he always talks about how awesome his trip is going to be and how he's going to be hitting up the clubs, the bars and also playign tons of poker while there. ... (23 replies)
... being angry at my boyfriend. ... (0 replies)
... times a week and have lost weight and maintained my lifestyle quite well and am a size 12 where im quite built. He has always hated me doing boxing which i love the most... ... (9 replies)
... I realized that my guy would continue to put me down and say mean things as long as I put up with it. If I kept forgiving him and accepting his apologies, he'd never stop. ... (22 replies)
... About 3 weeks ago my bf said 'i have a business function on the 24th and you have to come'... no further details were given and it was not mentioned again. ... (10 replies)
... p again and he said he's done nothing wrong. I'm really upset right now. I've told him how i feel and he's telling me to grow up and i'm going over the top all the things he used to say. ... (7 replies)
A violent night
Mar 12, 2005
... ad she cut herself accidently or intentionally it she would have been forced to pick her family or me. Her family would have never let her over while her living at home. ... (16 replies)
Mar 2, 2011
... ationship with a guy for about 3 years. It's complicated in that we've been friends, friends with "benefits", and attempted very short spans of "dating". He told me a few times intermittently that he didn't want to date me and as much as I wanted to, I let it go. ... (8 replies)
... Hello! My last thread was about how my bf expected me to pay for his trips to visit his daughter... ... (32 replies)
... I know that if my BF all of a sudden didn't want me hugging and cuddling with him there'd be something major wrong because he loves snuggling all the time! ... (3 replies)
... gs, it was her choice. Well, she proceeded to adamantly refuse to do any of the things in the bag. Wouldn't wear the veil, the garter, anything. She also told me basically how horrible many of the items were. She did this in front of a number of guests and made it very known that she was mad. ... (5 replies)
... A couple weeks back i found that my bf was looking at some dirty things on the computer, i got somewhat angry,but of course im a gonna get somewhat angry. So we had a talk about it and all blew over.. ... (8 replies)
... a couple of times. We were living together at the time. I left the second time he pulled it, didn't tell him where I was going, just left. ... (22 replies)
... s coming up 20. We've known each other for about 5 years and been good friends throughout most of that time. When I first met her, she was dating someone who was at my high school at the time so that was her first ever real relationship. ... (4 replies)
... because we're mad at that moment. And when we're done being angry, we calm down and start to think rationally.. and tend to not think those mean things anymore. ... (22 replies)
... the marriage SUCKED, but I was too afraid to let go of it, eventhough he cheated and abused me physically and emotionally. I just didn't want to be a lone, worst I didn't want to feel defeated or be a failure. ... (12 replies)
... ere together, I hid a lot of my feelings as not to start trouble...when I tell you we didn't fight once, I mean it. I didn't think that was healthy, but he would always get so upset with me whenever I would try to talk to him and because of his ignorance, it elevated into an arguement, so to me, it wasn't worth it. ... (1 replies)

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