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... She gave my bf a real ego trip I'm sure, going on about how he "ought to call" me, how "down and low" I am etc etc etc. I was so angry with her, the bloody idiot! ... (120 replies)
... jobs, but I realized that I was just trying to make him into something he wasn't. Because he had no schooling, no real job, and few friends, I was the person he always came to. He would get angry if I wanted to spend my free time with my college friends. ... (33 replies)
... No problem in the bedroom at all. Like I said everything seemed fine. It was when this girl came into our life that everything went to crap. She is the type of person who pursued him too. ... (37 replies)

... If u know me and have replied to my recent post then you may find it a little easier to understand. ... (4 replies)
... really feel for you because of all the parallels to what I went through with my ex and his family. Although neither of us is remotely traditional or religious or at all interested in institutions like marriage, we moved in together right from the start and genuinely planned on spending our lives together. ... (4 replies)
... I know you must be hurting but read the first 5 words in your first sentence. Leave him alone and you will feel better after a while. Your putting salt into an open wound. (63 replies)
... I still love him I probably always will. I am trying to move on I just need to know if she played a bigger part then he's willing to admit. ... (63 replies)
... I'm so sorry about your niece. I think it's great you're staying in her life. I've been the only one to really hang on in my sister's too, except our immediate family. I've been reading a book called "why does he do that" and it's about abusive and controlling men and describes her boyfriend to a t. If she could read it, preferably away from him for her safety, it might help... (22 replies)
... is going through something not really the same, but a bad situation. Her BF doesn't like her to go anywhere without him. ... (22 replies)
... boyfriend or husband, and she sits there blaming herself, taking all of the ownership for the problem, and not seeing that HE is the problem, not her. I get so angry when I see how many women do this daily on here! It really makes me mad! ... (37 replies)
... He chose to be with you and loves you and moved in with you. WOW I would be honored that a man that was that close with his mama chose me to be his girl. BUT i have hind sight and can say that. I dont look like my husbands mama BUT i sure am like her and we get along greatly. ... (13 replies)
... hether male or female would have a problem with their SO having "regular" contact with an ex. I am sure that if it were you talking to any of your exs that your BF would not be too thrilled with the situation either. Just the fact that he had a problem with you coming here shows that to be true.... ... (65 replies)
... d age she would have divorced him for a partner should bring out the best in you and shuold make you feel safe and happy and feel secure, well, most of the time, at least. I was married twice to men who would fly off the handle for anything, and being that I did too, it was a disaster! ... (47 replies)
... this and more so that he lied about it when i asked. He said he didnt tell me about her becuase he knew I would get mad. ... (40 replies)
... and she had a livein BF at this stage. ... (5 replies)
... and she had a livein BF at this stage. ... (1 replies)
... You are always there for him anyway, regardless. I wish that for a second you could step out of your mindset and see this from the outside. ... (28 replies)
... It sounds like you have been through a lot and are angry. Why does anyone lie at all? ... (36 replies)
... One year later , his sister came to work I my department and we quickly became best friends. I always thought he was cute but never thought much of it, he had a gf. ... (15 replies)
... Tigger, I realise that you are hurting and that you and your bf are very young. There is no need for him to call you names. However, I think you need to look very closely at his actions. ... (5 replies)

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