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... I agree. None of the posters, however, attempts to render a diagnosis. Indeed, none of us has claimed that a diagnosis is necessary. ... (48 replies)
... c all advice on this board is useless, and as far as diagnosing him goes, maybe it would be more PC to say 'he exhibits classic BPD behaviour', as opposed to 'he has BPD', but I think we all get the point here, and our advice would probably be the same. ... (48 replies)
... the anger he has carried from childhood started to be triggered by little things you said or did. ... (48 replies)

... Wow, I agree that you do sound quite skinny...I can understand why a woman that thin would no longer possess the kind of curves most men want to see. I guess you're right though Sophia that it all depends on your frame. ... (36 replies)
... lyD, the thing I found most helpful was to strengthen my personal boundaries and stop walking on eggshells around my exW. If you still have any notion that your BF really loves you for yourself, just start acting yourself for a few days. He will react like you have thrown acid into his face. ... (48 replies)
... No consequences, no change. ... (48 replies)
... polar and the other abusive guy has borderline personality the beginning of these 2 relationships, I didn't realize this and would continually twist myself inside out to try to keep the peace...... ... (59 replies)
... (36 replies)
... but she did not put it in that way. She said that she "had felt ignored" and that my bf "must be very rude"!!! ... (27 replies)
... happy mood and no lingering irrational thoughts that i couldn't get rid of. ... (1 replies)
Brief update
Feb 6, 2007
... to just be by myself. I took a hard look at my last few relationships and I realize that I'm attracting the wrong types.....the types that can do my absolutely no good. For example, my last BF had BPD, borderline personality disorder. ... (20 replies)
... injury shortly before this all began and he has had multiple concussions in the past. ... (15 replies)
... I have two opinions on this matter. One part of me tells me that MAYBE he still has some slight feelings with her. ... (12 replies)
... look up BPD, borderline personality stems from abandonment issues. I discovered an ex had it when i started coming here and researching anger management. ... (15 replies)
... I know I should go back to the UK. My parents are divorced and no longer live there, so there is no family home there. My best friends actually live in Paris but I wouldn't want to live there again. ... (16 replies)
... injury shortly before this all began and he has had multiple concussions in the past. ... (15 replies)
... I surely am not entitled to speak for the other members on here, but I am sure we all know and "understand just how badly depression can affect someone," but we probably can't see the connection between his depression and his incapacity of saying those words (I love you). Especially because (if I don't make a mistake here) his incapacity is older than his depression. (46 replies)
... Ok, so my bf has not yet said those words to me. ... (46 replies)
... m a gemini, if that gives you some insight into my personality. I'm quite carefree, and unnaturally happy, I guess. He's stubborn and very grounded. But make no mistake, he's the wittiest, funniest, most charming guy I've ever known. So lovable and generous too. ... (22 replies)
... It depends on who your boyfriend was before he was with you, you stated that he liked to party, so obviously this has always been his personality. ... (19 replies)

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