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... Recently after attending several family reunions, my boyfriend started having memories resurface that he wasn't aware of. He started realizing that he had been sexually abused as a child by a family member. ... (5 replies)
... Eh, that would creep me out too Gypsy, in a plethora of ways! I think I would have different reactions depending on how a man approached discussing his bisexuality with me. It’s not that I would be a total cow about it all across the board. What I’m saying is, if a prospective partner came to me and said (as the OP's did, in so many words): “I’ve had five male... (41 replies)
Bi-polar gf
May 4, 2009
... Let me start at the beginning. I am 25 years old and I met my girlfriend about 2 years ago; we were very much in love. About a year into the relationship we decided to move in together (partially for financial reasons). Around that same time my girlfriend started experiencing a lot of anxiety and getting upset (crying screaming,punching walls, etc). She couldn't keep any... (6 replies)

... You know, I hadn't noticed that your last post was yours Layla333, I thought it was mine, since our names are so similar (great minds think alike ;)) In reference to the above quote, I wouldn't agree with that as a barometer of the difference between bi-curiosity and bisexuality. To be curious is to be eager to experience something; therefore, I cannot be curious as to what... (41 replies)
... I would also credit him for his having told the OP about his past experiences Layla333, but I think that that's where the honesty ended. He's not being honest with himself, never mind her, since he maintains he is not bisexual but rather "bi-curious". I'm sorry, but a man who's had almost half a dozen male sexual partners is not bi-curious; he's bisexual and in a deep state... (41 replies)
... Ok well, this is where it gets interesting... Yes he has been on anti depressants in the past. Many years ago when he was 15. "Life wasn't worth living". Anyway he was on them for a few months but I don't think any positive results came from it. Coty: I have considered hormonal changes in the past. Especially when he has given up smoking. But bad moods lasting 3-6... (11 replies)
... erson with borderline personality disorder, basically I have insanely low self esteem, am terrified of anyone leaving me, I act insane when I feel rejected, I am bi polar and very small things can make me or break me, also have had depression since I was very young. Needless to say I am very high maintenince. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I'm glad that you were honest with him and now both of you will be able to move on to more appropriate partners. However, do you really wish that he would have kept it a secret? One of my ex-boyfriends, after we dated on and off for nearly nine months, confessed to me that he was a crossdresser. I tried to be cool about it, because I really don't care what people... (41 replies)
... Hi Layla333; I don't want you to think I'm hopping all over you or anything, I just wanted to respond to some portions of your post here. Firstly, yes, I will hold my hand up to an 'ick' reaction on my part here, but only when it comes to the point of a lovers area of sexual activity and interest; as far as the rest of the population of the world goes, I simply couldn't give... (41 replies)
... I have mentioned the fact that I have bi tendencies a couple of times. ... (31 replies)
... Hey dude i know exactly how you feel its like i have meet some1 in the same exact situation as boyfriend, he gets mad over everything and then the next minute he is the perfect first we thought he was just bi polar but now his parents made him go to rehab, and his therepist suggested that he had BPD and so i looked it up and i found out what it was and i... (7 replies)
... n to see someone who i had previously been in a relationship with acting like this towards me. it has created this negitive effect on my relationship with my new boyfriend and i honestly just want to move on with my life and i want him to move on with his. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a long while as I've had a long recovery from my past experiences and felt ready to move on. I met a new guy at the begining of this year, he he really nice and we got on well. We seem quite similar in our likes and dislikes and have a similar out look on like and both want the same things. After about a month we were out on a date, he... (4 replies)
... I am new to this website but have been living with my bipolar boyfriend for seven yrs. Am trying to raise my daughter at the same time but its like walking on eggshells every day. ... (13 replies)
... I'd know at a glance whether their colour suited me (which I'll equate to sexual gender) and, having decided upon that important point, assuming I felt it did, I'd then start wondering about different shoe styles (which I'll equate to the individual personalities of prospective same-sex partners) - My point being, if I wasn't happy with the colour I wouldn't get as far as... (41 replies)
... Listen, you are not at a health risk if you didn't have sex yet. You really should take a step back and look at the picture. He is bi-sexual period. He now wants to bring you into this 2 men and you? deserve better than that please move on and consider yourself first. (41 replies)
... Couldn't agree more. Your bf is not "curious" - the first time he was curious, the next four times were because he liked it. Your bf is bisexual. He's into guys. If that's okay with you, then great. But I think you've got a bigger problem. Regardless of whether his partners are male or female, he likes to meet random, unknown people on the internet for one time sexual... (41 replies)
... Well, I don't know if he is full-on bi, or just bi-curious. I guess you could say he is open-minded. BUT, this isn't my thread, or even relevant to the OP's problem, so...If you have any more questions I guess you should begin a new topic? (10 replies)
... So anyways, i would like some suggestions on how to handle this painful situation. I would do ANYTHING to get him back if he turns out to be straight or just bi in the end, and i'm willing to wait but should I? ... (5 replies)
... You made the right decision Anajdlee. Your ex-boyfriend clearly didn't know what he wanted in life in terms of a relationship, he's obviously very confused about his sexuality; dating a woman while having sex with men? :confused: Anyway, good luck in the future. I imagine an experience like this might really mess you up and make you very suspicious of any future... (41 replies)

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